2/27 I had a HIS bundle pacer implanted. Prior to pacemaker, lots of coughing, trouble breathing ,EF 35, QRS 160, with diagnosis of LBBB. The day the pacemaker was implanted until it was taken out on 5/15 no coughing, walking 3 miles for 20 days . There was a loose lead so the Dr. went in and replaced lead. The lead fell out during the night for the second time. 

A biventricular pacemaker was inserted two days later. I started a dry cough very soon . I have been coughing and spitting up since May 15 with new pacemaker. I have appts for device ck and to meet w EP. 

Anyone having these problems or had them and resolutions to them. The coughing is getting to me?


Cough and pacing

by Selwyn - 2020-05-28 12:41:06

See my comment from 23rd of this month with regard to this subject.

If you use the upper right search there are many comments with regards to your problem as we stand on the shoulders of those that have gone before us.

Remember ACE inhibitor drugs are associated with a DRY cough.


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