MRI and risk

Hi ,

I have an MRI compatible pacemaker since 5 years. 34% atrial and no other complications.

I have X Ray with no bone changes. My doc suggested an MRI for meniscal tear. I am liitle concerned about MRI risks with the pacemaker though it is compatible.

Did anybody get the MRI done under supervision of PM technician?

Any suggestions on alternate tests?






by AgentX86 - 2020-05-31 18:14:38

The hardest part of an MRI is to get all the paperwork done before the chickens*** radiologists will do it.  There is NO problem but everyone makes such a big deal out of it.  I had one last November (took over a month to get all the signoffs).  Once I'd jumped through the hoops, the procedure took about 30min, from when I walked in to out the door. 

The procedure is simple.  A PM tech downloads the settings of your PM to his laptop thingy and verifies everything is good.  Then he puts your PM into a safe mode (constant rate and all sensors/feedback switched off), you have the MRI, and the PM tech reloads all your settings and verifies that nothing's changed.  Out the door you go.

Contrary to popular myths, modern MRI rooms aren't huge magnetic black holes where any metal goes shooting across the room like a bullet.  I just emptied my pockets/change onto the table next to the MRI machine.  I didn't even  have to take the belt off my pants.  If it doesn't go into the machine, it's not a problem. Of course they're not going to take unnecessary chances with PMs but it's a big nothing, except the paperwork.


AgentX86 is right

by LondonAndy - 2020-06-01 18:40:05

I have had my pacemaker for a bit over 5 years too, and have had two MRI scans.  It was initially a struggle finding a hospital to do it, but when they do I didn't feel any ill effects at all.  

Yes, a pacemaker technician backed up my device (I think) and set it into basic mode, and then reset it back to normal afterwards. 

I scanned in a copy of my Pacemaker insertion notes when I was discharged from hospital, which is 4 pages long and includes details of the leads, and send a copy to them if going to a new hospital - we might have one NHS but the IT systems don't seem to talk to each other!

MRI and risk

by Rag - 2020-06-03 13:15:00

Thanks all.

I got my MRI done. The pacemaker technician supported well.

There was no issue.

Approvals took time. My PM can support only 1.5T MRI and the same was used.

It has been 24 hrs and no impact on the PM and leads yet

It is my interest.

by fractoggen - 2020-06-04 04:15:00

 I just read through the entire MRI and risk. I'm also impressed. Waiting for a more new post. 

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