High Blood pressure

I’ve had my PM 2weeks today. At my wound check last week my BP was 160/84. Today I was back for a BP check and it was 163/94.

Here’s my question....

i realize I’m in an adjustment period but my cardiologist told me he had paced me high. Would that contribute to the higher BP ???

Thanks !


Yes, it can.

by crustyg - 2020-06-11 12:03:58

There are several components to the maintenance of your BP and heart rate is *one* of them.  Over-pacing the heart (driving up the rate) *can* give you hypertension.  Other factors may, over time, reduce this, but it's not guaranteed.



by Gemita - 2020-06-11 13:59:12

Hello Sisterwash65,

Yes as you probably know, there are so many things that can drive up our blood pressure like too much salt, alcohol, smoking, obesity, stress, older age and sleep deprivation (I note ref the latter that you may be having a sleep study soon for sleep apnea).

I have naturally low blood pressure, often too low for comfort and my heart rate has been set at minimum of 70 bpm day and night and yet my blood pressure still remains on the low side.  (The only exception to this is when I go into an arrhythmia like Atrial Fribrillation, my blood pressure, like my heart rate, can bounce from one extreme to the other.  This would be the only time my blood pressure would increase to levels that might require temporary medication, although my blood pressure tends not to stay at these higher levels for too long before crashing to very low levels and staying there).

I haven't noticed a change in my average blood pressure since the higher heart rate pacing began  (implant was in 2018), but as crustyg says, it can happen for some of us.  Did you have high blood pressure before your implant?

High Blood pressure

by Sisterwash65 - 2020-06-11 14:48:03

yes I’ve been tak8ng BP meds since 2007. But it’s usually under control. 

After I posted this question I went t out and bought a monitor ( my husband has his own !) and now it’s normal. 122/66 pulse 84

High BP

by AgentX86 - 2020-06-11 22:50:51

Be careful how the BP is being taken.  I went to the Dr. (vasular) Monday.  My BP was 160 something over 89.  She took it again five minutes later and it was 124/75.  Often the doctor will take my BP manually because the machines sometimes read way too high.  There is also the whole white-coat thing.  There are a lot of reasons that BP will read high.  One measurement doesn't mean much.  That's why you should take it yourself, preferably at the same time and way every day. The problem is to get them to believe you.

It's also a good idea to take your BP machine with you to your doctor's office.  When they do a reading, do one with yours right away and compare.  It'll tell you something about the accuracy of yours.

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