Last week i had my complete pacemaker replaced and 1 old  lead extracted as Dr wasnt happy with its position.it was less than three years old,  This was a sub pectoral implant under full general  so i am rather sore and knocked around still..... 

However i have noticed a constant strong pounding loud in my ears and a bad headache which is rather annoying... would this just be a settings thing? Can't feel my heart racing...just hear it pounding

I go to GP next week and not back to EP  for a PM check  for 4 weeks. 

Also can anyone tell me what what DDD 60-130 means? Does that mean rate response is turned on? It never was with my old PM... 

Still so naive as to all this even on my second round....






by AgentX86 - 2020-06-27 21:11:20

I can hear/feel my heart in my ears, too, but it doesn't bother me much.  It usuall just blends into the background (brain ignores it).  You don't have to wait for an appointment if you're having touble.  You can start with your PM tech.  If there are settings that will help, that's where you want to go anyway.

There are five letters in the pacing mode nomenclature.  The five positions for 'DDD' wold mean:

- Dual pacing (pacing A and/or V, depending on what's needed)

- Dual Sensing (sensing A and V)

- Dial Mode (Inhibit and Triggered)

- No Rate Response (no letter)

- No CRT (though this isn't often specified in the mode)

60-130 means that your minimum rate (resting) is 60bpm and the maximum the pacer will push you is 130.  These mean slightly different things depending on your pacemaker and why you have it.  Since you're apparently don't have chronotropical incompetence (no rate response), the minimum can be overriden by your SI node.  The exact meaning of the maximum rate depends on other factors not stated here.



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