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This is my second post.  Thanks to those who commented on my 1st post.

again I am only 7 weeks into my dual lead St Jude PM.  I have read a lot on the forums and it seems there was a post about some PM’s being more sensitive than others to begin with.  I’ve read that the phone and I-pad are ok if they’re at least 6 inches away from the PM...and I try to remember that but sometimes I’ll notice I’m holding too close  and back it off.  Usually I’m on the speaker to make sure it’s around 3 ft away.  I haven’t had my first check in with the people monitoring...I guess that comes at 90 days, but at least 3 times I”ve noticed a funny feeling in my chest and my stomach gets quezie along with  my ears sort of stopping up when I’ve been on the phone.  I am on my i-pad a good bit too and wonder if it could be a problem as well. 

If anybody has had a similar experience or knowledge on this subject I would appreciate a heads up.





by Theknotguy - 2020-07-01 09:45:07

Neither the i-pad or cell phone should be any problem with the pacemaker.  The magnetic fields generated aren't big enough or strong enough to bother the pacemaker.  I'm writing this with my laptop balanced in a comfortable position on my lap.  No problem.  

I would attribute your problems more to settling in with the pacemaker and having your body adjust to the new settings and/or any new medication you may have received.  You can find YouTube videos of doctors doing pacemaker insertions.  I'm glad I watched the video of an insertion after I received my pacemaker as the guy was doing some serious insult to the other person's body while shoving in the pacemaker.  After watching the video I was surprised I didn't hurt more than I did.  

You can expect thumps, bumps, and funny feelings as your body adjusts to your new life.  Unfortunately neither we on this forum nor the doctors can tall you what you will feel as each person is unique.  Also we don't know what signals will get mixed up as nerves heal either.  Some people will report "ant bites", others get itching, and some even get sharp pains.  It just depends.  For most people it doesn't last that long.  

Otherwise, I hope your adjustment to life with your pacemaker goes well.  

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by Tracey_E - 2020-07-01 12:07:02

The rule of thumb is 6 inches, no need to keep 3 feet away. But your ipad and phone aren't going to cause problems. Some people are still told to not put it in a pocket on the left side and talk with it on the right, but that's old advice. 

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