Head rush/pressure

When I lay on my stomach I get an immediate rush of head pressure.  This lasts for about 20 seconds.  I've mentioned this to my Dr., but he acts like he's never heard of such a thing. Anyone ever experience this?  I've had my PM since 2011.  Thanks


Just some thoughts

by Gemita - 2020-07-11 04:18:23

Hello Sandra,

Not really sure what your head rush feels like or what your symptoms are but I do experience (intermittently) sudden, intense head symptoms on lying down where it feels as though there has been a sudden surge of blood flow to my brain.  It feels as though my head will split from the pressure but it only lasts for seconds.  Sometimes it feels as though this could be stroke territory.

I first got these symptoms when I developed an arrhythmia in 2014 (atrial fibrillation) and it occurred while out travelling (in a sitting position).  I got six massive head rushes, with flushing and brief faints.  It was frightening.

In your case I don't know what is causing it (nor do I in mine!).  If yours only occurs while you lie on your stomach, maybe you are restricting your blood flow in this position or compressing your neck in some way leading to symptoms.  Hopefully in both our cases our symptoms are caused by a benign condition.

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