2nd degree heart block

I have 2nd degree heart block mobitz ii and will have dual chamber pacemaker placed in about 4 weeks.  My question if you have had same how much did it help you with things like shortness of breath, muscle fatigue and weakness, etc


2nd Degree Heart Block

by AgentX86 - 2020-07-10 23:25:26

I don't have 2nd degree heart block but to get more information you'll need to know what sort of 2nd degree.  Unlike 1st and 3rd degree block, there are two different 2nd degree that are quite different - Mobitz  I or "Wenckebach" and Mobitz II or "Hay".  Mobitz II is much more likely to degenate into 3rd degree heart block.

In any case, a pacemaker will almost always completely fix any sort of heart block.  Relax, It's one of the simpler fixes and you probably won't need all of the "tuning" tips found in this group.

The surgery is a piece of cake for 99% of the patients and severe complcations ate exceedingly rare.  You'll be fine.

Heart Block

by alanr1303 - 2020-07-11 04:16:18

My diagnosis was the same as yours, I had my PM fitted in September 2018. The effect was immediate. Before the PM I was able to walk at a slow steady pace for long distances , but uphill I almost immediatley struggled and felt like I had walked into a brick wall. Now I can easily handle hills and walk at a much higher pace. 

The surgery was simple and painless, with local anesthetic and mild sedation.

Me Too

by Graham M - 2020-07-11 17:01:59

11 months ago, I was diagnosed with Mobitz type II and had a DDD pacemaker fitted.  It was a simple procedure - local anaesthetic without sedation.  They kept me in hospital overnight and released me the next morning.  It was a bit painful for a few days, but nothing to worry about and the incision healed well in about 10 days.  They told me not to strech my left arm above my head for about 4 to 6 weeks, to make sure the leads had embedded properly into the heart muscle.

My symptoms before the pacemeaker were chronic fatigue, breathlessness and light headedness.  I could also feel my heart missing beats.  The day before my PM was fitted, I had an episode of syncope and collapsed in the supermarket car park, busting the back of my head open in the process.

Like alanr1301, the effect of my pacemaker was immediate, but it has continued to get better and better - it seems to take some time for the body to adjust.  I also quit smoking on the same day my PM was implanted, and this has helped.

I live at the top of a fairly steep hill and walk up it every work day on the way home.  Before the PM, I had to stop two or three times to catch my breath, but after just a month or so with the pacemeaker, I was able to walk it without having to stop.  Now 11 months on, walking up the hill and all the everyday jobs that I used to struggle with are no longer a problem.

As I was leaving the hospital, the nurse said to me that I would have a new lease of life, and she was completely correct.  I wish you all the best, and hope that you, too have a new lease of life,


2nd Degree AV Block

by TinMan - 2020-07-17 02:59:47

Today marks my 2nd week since I received my PM. I had been suffering from shortness of breath and lightheadedness for a month. On June 2, I blacked out for a second and went to the ER two days later, had full work up but all came back normal. On June 14, I could not walk the dog past 2 houses so I took myself back to the ER (diff hospital)... same results as the first visit. I booked a follow up exam with my primary care and wanted to request referral to cardiologist. At that appointment, June 30, my ekg showed abnormal - 2nd degree AV block. Back to the ER I went, after two days of monitoring, an MRI and an echocardiogram, pacemaker was decided and on July 2, PM was installed. On day 1 I felt 1000% better, no shortness of breath or lightheadedness. After the pain went away after week 1 I started walking again and walking 1 mile is effortless, 2 miles still effortless, 3 miles... I will do tomorrow.
Good luck to you, you will be fine. Everyone's timeline is different but results are practically the same! Get good rest and enjoy new beginnings. 

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