Zio Patch

I have Brugada syndrome, few ablations and an icd later I was doing very well. However, lately I have been experiencing skipped beats while working out, I called my cardiologist/ EP, they ordered some blood work, echo, and a stress test. He also ordered a zio patch. Question: in how many days did you receive your zio patch? I don't mean the results, just the device. What was your zio patch experience like? Many thanks, Paula


Zio Patch

by Marybird - 2020-07-13 18:04:48

I had two Zio patches, one in 2018 and the second one in 2019. The first one was intended to catch and categorize the tachycardia that had crept back into my life after being free of it ( due to medication) for quite a while. The second patch was intended to document the bradycardia I had also had for a while but which was becoming worse and more symptomatic. Both times the patches did a good job at documenting these issues, and both times treatment/management were initiated based on the Zio patch findings.

The patches were applied in the cardiologist's office by medical assistants, and I was able to keep them on for the whole two weeks prescribed by the doc. Though they say they are waterproof, (maybe more like water resistant) I still covered them with plastic bags when I showered, and faced away from the shower just to make sure water didn't hit them directly.

When I exercised I kept a towel handy to wipe any sweat away from the area, and that seemed to do a good job.

The instructions include pushing a button in the middle of the patch, and documenting any symptoms felt when they occur. This can be done either online ( I think you register for that if you want to do it that way), or you can record it in a little diary-type booklet included with the patch. They tell you the most important thing is to push the button when you feel symptoms, whether you record the symptoms or not. That was a good thing because for the first patch I ran out of room in the diary, after that I just pushed the button so they knew I was aware of the symptoms.

Otherwise the patch was pretty much unobtrusive, I didn't feel much, and I didn't get any rash or redness under or around the patch either time. When I was finished and ready to send it back, I followed the instructions and sent the patch and diary back via the postal service in the box provided for the purpose (Postage was prepaid). I think the results were available to the doctor ( via the company website) in less than a week, and they sent him a written report after that.

Thank you!

by Pinkit94 - 2020-07-13 19:34:15

Thank you so much!!! Loved all of the details and tips. I haven't had a holter monitor in over 5 years.

Just wanted to ADD :-)

by arentas80 - 2020-07-13 21:53:09

Everything MaryBird said was spot on. I've worn 4 of them in the last 9 months and a cardiac event monitor. The only thing I would add is to ask for some extra 3M Tegaderm Film. I would cut it and then put it on each side of the strips to ensure it would hold in place. It itches a little but if I didn't use them my patch would never have stayed on for two weeks. 

They make an app for our phone that you can use instead of writing In the diary. Super handy!! You can also ask for a copy of the report for yourself as well. They will email you a consent form and then once you send it back you'll get a nice PDF in about two weeks. I have all of mine saved. Wish you well! Take care :-)

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