Pain over PM

Hi, I've had my PM for 5months now and still have pain over the site especially when touched. Anybody have the same problem and any remedy for it?


Fairly normal

by AgentX86 - 2020-07-14 21:51:27

Mine was quite sensitive for about eight months after my surgery.  Then, it seemed overnight it went away.  I'm sure it wasnt overnight but I suddenly realized that I hadn't thought about it for weeks. 

BTW, I had very little pain immediately after surgery (didn't need any pain medication after discharge) but the sensitivity remained for that eight months.  I think there is anything wrong. 

Pain around PM site

by permkassen - 2020-07-14 23:31:19

Thx you AgentX know 71 everything is a worry. I feel better after your comment. By the way does anybody have a home monitor linked to a hospital. Is it necessary? 

Pacemaker discomfort and monitoring

by Gemita - 2020-07-15 04:01:57

Hello Permkassen,

Yes discomfort over the pacemaker site can be normal for many of us.  I am over two years on from my implant and still feel some discomfort depending on my activity.  I wouldn’t say it is painful anymore but at 71, I too can certainly feel the device and often worry about any discomfort.   Things to look out for which could spell trouble would be redness, swelling or oozing from area.  Anything protruding from the site like the device itself or leads would need immediate care and would be an emergency depending on the cause for the erosion.  Removal of device and/or IV antibiotics would then be considered I believe.

Remember that some of us will be very sensitive to the foreign object residing in our chest.  I certainly feel as though there has been some very slight movement of my device over two years which I believe is fairly normal.  Just keep an eye on it and watch out for the things I have mentioned, otherwise time is a great healer and hopefully you will feel your pacemaker less in the future.

I have a home monitor and only now use it when required.  Is it necessary ?  I guess it depends on your condition and how closely we need to be monitored but it is certainly helpful if we want to avoid frequent hospital visits.  Many clinics in the future I believe will do automatic checks so that patients will not have to make unnecessary hospital visits during the present Coronavirus period.  I attended hospital for my annual Pacemaker check last week and my old telephone monitor (for my Reveal Linq implant - now removed)  was programmed into my new pacemaker device, so that my clinic may automatically make checks again in the future, although because of my arrhythmias they still want to see me in clinic personally in one year’s time.  It will so depend on a patient’s condition. 

Pain around PM site

by permkassen - 2020-07-15 04:16:12

Hi Gemita

Thank you for your response. I do sometimes have this tearing pain sensation. I sometimes think these are the adhesions to the PM that are stretched. Could that be? 

Same for me too !

by Gemita - 2020-07-15 04:24:19

Yes I get a tearing, pulling, electric shock like sensation occasionally in the area too.  I guess it can be from a number of different causes like a trapped nerve, adhesions, even from the pulling of the suture (a stitch which holds the device in place) as we move around.  This is often mentioned on this site.  For peace of mind do mention all your discomforts to your doctors just to be safe

Sensitivity Over Pacer Site

by Marybird - 2020-07-15 17:47:28

I've had my pacemaker for a bit over a year now, and it still feels a bit tender if I press gently on the site. The EP told me that's pretty much normal. I don't touch it often, as it gives me the willies to feel the hard metal object just under the skin there. I guess it's sort of like my belly button, I don't like anything touching that either, LOL.

Most of the time I'm not aware or thinking about it.

Pain around PM site

by permkassen - 2020-07-16 11:40:06

Thxs Marybird

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