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Okay..I'm confused about the whole not sleeping thing. I mean I understand that I'm not sleeping...and kindof why, because my heart rate drops so low...and we figure I'll be paced almost 100% of the question is...will I get a night where I dont wake up and I sleep all the way through? I swear I'm about to go crazy. I'm going in on the 9th for my operation (yeah!!!) so afterwards, I'll sleep better right? Gosh I hope so...Found out I am getting a Victory St.Jude that a good one?lol. Lets see...what else... Oh thanks for all the answers on my other post :O) Umm...I go four wheeling and stuff alot and everyone is scared I'm going to keel over..when do you think it is safe to start it all. My surgeon said a couple days off work..a week not lifting my arm (which is less than I've seen told to anyone on here) so I figure a week for that stuff??Hrmmm that is it for now :O) *curtsies*


Your new pacemaker ...

by admin - 2007-05-03 09:05:35

Good luck on the 9th. St. Jude is second largest manufacturer and are known to make quality devices. I can't really comment too much on your sleep question. However, if your low heart rate is waking you up, its reasonable to expect your pacemaker to help.

I would wait a week or so before going wheeling. It can be rough and its better to be safe then sorry.



by randrews - 2007-05-03 10:05:52

I got my pm for a low heartrate. Before, at times I'd wake up needing to gulp air. Now I don't do that, and I sleep deeper, but I still wake up though.
My nurse told me not to mow the grass for 6 weeks because of all the pulling and jerky movements. It wasn't that I'd keel over but that I'd pull the leads out of place.
Take care and good luck,

Good Luck

by tcrabtree85 - 2007-05-04 06:05:07

I will keep you in my thoughts on the 9th. I don't recommend that you go four wheeling so soon. Your leads really need the time to heal and it would be best not to hurt them in anyway. Six weeks is really needed to get good complete healing. The adjusting time to the pm is different for each person. My body is still adjusting to having it after 7 weeks. Everyone is different. I do believe that over time and after they get all the adjustings done that will help you a lot get more sleep. If you have any questions or need somebody to talk to just send me a message. You are in my thoughts. Oh and I also have a St. Jude and like others have said they are one of the top. Good Luck! Keep us updated.

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