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Had a new PM at a new to me hospital 4 weeks ago, one lead was turned off as it's not working and I am told I don't need a atrium lead so I have gone along with this but I am getting palpitations when I go to bed and can feel the missing beat, went back today and asked had my rate been changed and was informed my PM now kicks in at 50bpm and not 60 as its been for 23years they say its to make my heart work harder.

I can't sleep with these new beats I feel apprehensive like I was as a new be, what do u all think 


talk to them again

by Tracey_E - 2020-08-01 08:41:27

Tell them 50 isn't working for you and you want it back to 60. 

What do I think ?

by Gemita - 2020-08-01 12:58:45

My heart rate is set at 70 bpm night and day Maureen and I feel well at this rate.  I would not be happy if they tried to reduce my rate and certainly not if they tried to do so without my prior knowledge and agreement.  

Did they tell you why they "want to make your heart work harder"?  I would question and challenge this decision, explaining that it is affecting your quality of sleep which is so important for your heart health.  

If you are getting slow, missed beats (ectopics?) when you are trying to rest and you are getting pausing, you will feel uncomfortable.  Your previous set rate of 60 bpm would hopefully prevent this from happening and enable you to get a decent night's sleep.  I would therefore ask for your "normal" settings to be restored.

The other thing that I am wondering is whether you miss the AV synchrony which was provided by your atrial lead ?  They say you don't need an atrial lead (presumably because you were not being paced much in the right atrium or you may not have needed pacing support), but I wonder whether pacing in the right ventricle does not suit you at all and is causing your discomfort ?  I hate ventricular pacing and it causes these sort of problems for me too.  Maybe this is why they want to push your heart to work more on its own to reduce pacing in the right ventricle?  So lots of questions for your pacemaker team and I would courteously suggest that you either get your rate pushed up again to see whether this eliminates your symptoms or ask whether you need an additional lead to the left ventricle to provide synchrony ?   I would definitely not be happy without some real answers 

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