Heart BPM

I have recently had the pacemaker BPM reduced to 50 BPM, Does any other Clum Member have rate as low as this?


Heart BPM

by Aberdeen - 2020-08-03 09:55:25

I have had my rate reduced to 50 bpm although my pulse rate is between 60-70bpm.I feel quite well. I had problems with a dual lead pacemaker paced at 70 bpm. 


Heart BPM

by Ms Rutledge - 2020-08-03 12:12:50

Mine has been set on 50 since the day they implanted it.   

Yes, lots

by crustyg - 2020-08-03 12:15:50

I had mine down to 45BPM last Dec (it went back up to 50 the next day - not enough blood suppply for Pilates or Yoga).

There are quite a few of us here with a LRL of 50BPM.  When mine was turned off in March for an MRI (stupid, I know), I could still walk around with a HR of 29-31BPM and sit up after 30min in the scanner.

Quite a few folk here have a higher lower rate during the day, and then it automatically reduces at night to help them get off to sleep.

Why do you ask?


by Pop - 2020-08-03 17:02:57

Thank you all for your reply, have had problems from begining, was told after 8 weeks I had used 71/2 years of battery power, the devise was turned down to preserve battery power, over the past 2years 9 months, I bean told repeatedyl displacment leads, then the leads are in coreect position, each time I visit the cardioligist I get a different diagnisist,over this period I have experienced heart pauses, palputations, dizzy spells, climbing stairs is somwhat of a challenge. I am due for a checkup in three weeks time, I now feel guoilty about informing them of the problems, on one visit when connectedto the monitor one of the cardioligiste said to the other one this is not right but then would not make any further comment, on one visit I pushed for diagnisist but was told for legal implications the could not comment.

You need to change your EP doc

by crustyg - 2020-08-03 19:17:23

I *think* I understand.

Reducing your lower paced rate to try to prolong battery life is pretty much useless - which sounds to me like a reasonable description of your current EP doc.

There are plenty of folk here for whom a minimum paced rate of 60BPM is too low, for some macho twits like me, 50BPM is fine.  Depends a lot on the size of your heart the and health of your heart muscle.

I think you've got this all the wrong way around.  Its *NOT* your fault that your PM is guzzling through the planned battery life, it's *NOT* your fault that you continue to have symptoms of cardiac insufficiency and you should *NOT* feel guilty telling your EP doc that the current treatment (inc PM settings) isn't helping.  You are entitled to a second opinion, even in the NHS.

In your shoes I would demand copies of ALL my medical records, including all PM reports, investigations, imaging and doctor's notes (your legal right under Access to Health Records Act 1990) and take it all to an EP doc that I would be willing to trust and who understands that their medical duty is to listen to the patient (=YOU) and do what is right for you.  And get myself a lawyer.


I was at 50 for a while

by dwelch - 2020-08-07 01:31:34

I was at 50 for a long time, then a doc without consulting me bumped it to 60, was ticked off, I eventually fired him when I found another doc.  And in the end we just left it there.  Very happy I changed docs.  When I started this journey living with low 40s resting and 30s sleeping, being bumped to 50 was rough, but after a couple of decades by that point, the next bump did affect sleep for a bit, but I got used to it.  I am pretty sure I am on some sort of day/night thing which I need to ask them about as middle of the night morning it is low close to 60s but other times of the day it isnt.  My printouts arent that detailed so will have to ask.  Im fine with it...

Other folks have 50 as a low some maybe lower.  Depends on your condition and other factors if 50 is low or high, I wouldnt worry about it.

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