Occasional sharp pain on PM area and discomfort on sides under armpit

Hello there, please need your input. it’s my 7th month since the incision of my PM and I still felt some heaviness on my left shoulder and today I have this sharp pain and discomfort under my left armpit on the side of my breast. Also I felt some pain when I inhale and exhale on that side of my breast occasionally . I blamed it sometimes on my sleeping position. Am not comfortable sleeping on my left shoulder but subconsciously I did it anyways. I did a somewhat lifting on groceries the other day and boxes, it may add up. But am worried about the inhaling and exhaling pain. Seems a muscle or nerves? Please help. Thanks 


Pain on breathing

by Selwyn - 2020-08-04 15:46:45

Sharp pain on breathing is either muscular or pleuritic pain ( sometimes associated with a chest infection etc.).

If the pain is reproduced on arm movement or local tenderness, it is likely to be muscular. Such movement includes putting your hand on your hip on that side and pressing towards your midline firmly. 

If the pain is only on taking a big breath in, it is likely to be pleuritic -  you should  then seek medical help. 


Thank you Selwyn

by Hollywood106 - 2020-08-04 16:09:58

The pain upon deep breathing is gone after a couple of hours. The pain on my side is off and on. Thanks much!

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