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I recently had my Boston PM replaced, same model as before, with my old one i was using Lattitude, if i plug my Lattitude monitor back in will it work with my new device or does it neef to be reprogramed? My dr was going to get someone to call me as he wasnt sure what needed to happen but i am yet to hear back.

Just wondered if anyone else has had any experience with this? 


It will need some attention - possibly be replaced

by crustyg - 2020-08-05 09:00:33

Hi: All of the documentation and messaging says that once the Latitude has been used with a given PM, it's locked to that one forever.

So in theory, they will need to send you a replacement.  BUT...

I've spent half my working career in software - low level BIOS/interrupt handlers, machine control, Enterprise network management etc.  Anything is possible in software, no matter what people are told to say to us.  It wouldn't surprise me if it turned out to be possible to re-use your existing Latitude, but I think you'd need to either have a PM programmer to do it, OR wait for BostonSci to update their records and then tell the Latitude to accept your new PM.

You can call BostonSci yourself - foc - and ask them.  Last time my Latitude took >1hr to restart (turned out it was downloading a firmware update) I called them and they were very helpful.


by Beattie - 2020-08-05 09:07:08

Thanks so much for your response Crustyg. i will try n ring BostonSci this week and see if they can help me get it sorted.  

Really appreciate your help ! Will see how we go.

I didnt think to mention it to PM tech when i had post surgery interrogation. 

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