pacemaker replaced today

It seems to bother me more today then when I had my first pacemaker put in 8 years ago. The Dr has done more the 5000 pacemakers in his time , and I know he's a good Dr. But they told me it should take about 45 minutes so I know it should be over fast. They told me if all goes well I should be able to leave in 3 to 4 hours. Well here's hoping all goes well and this will last as long as my last one. 


Well how did it go yesterday ?

by Gemita - 2020-08-06 08:38:33

Hopefully it was a quick procedure CAGuy and you are home by now??  Yes it is always a concern when we go in for a repeat procedure, because however straightforward it might be for your team to perform, things can go wrong sometimes making the procedure more complex and lengthy.

Please let us know how it went when you have recovered.  

pacemaker replaced

by Caguy - 2020-08-06 13:56:58

It was a fast 4 hours, I was in and out in four hours, my wife was waiting in front for me .first stop food then home. filling good going to take first shower and see what my scar looks like. all you have a great day.

new pacemaker

by Caguy - 2020-08-06 15:27:24

Well as you read my pacemaker was replaced , they put a boston scientific Accolade mri el

model L331 , does anyone have one and know about it? I have never met the Dr who put it in before or after. This is a first for me. He's at the office I go to to see my heart Dr he's the big chief there. but I sure would have liked to talk to him before . I called to today to ask what the pulse was set at and they said they would call back when they knew. Kinda funny they way they work . Will update you after I get updates. 

Drive Though Pacemaker Surgery, LOL

by Marybird - 2020-08-06 18:29:53

I'm kidding, but I am wondering if it's becoming more the norm for patients to go home the same day as they have pacemakers implanted-maybe more likely for repeat customers who are only having their pacer generators replaced, with the leads remaining in place. 

I know traditionally patients stayed overnight, and were discharged the next day. Before they were discharged, they had a second chest x-ray to make sure the pacer and leads were in place, and they were visited by the pacer rep who interrogated the device, checked ( maybe adjusted in some cases ?) the settings, and gave the information to the patient. I'm wondering if all this is done after the pacemaker surgery if the patient is in and out in 4 hours.,If not that is probably why you don't know what your settings might be.

When I had my pacemaker implanted in June 2019, the EP indicated I was a candidate for being released from the hospital the same day. But he insisted I be admitted to the hospital and be observed for 6 hours before I left. They did a chest x-ray about an hour after the surgery, another after 4 hours, monitored the heart rhythm and pacer ( via telimetry) and vital signs, a second unit of IV antibiotic and I finally left about 8 hours after the surgery -the EP wouldn't write the discharge orders till after he reviewed the results, and I had some issues with high blood pressure while I was waiting, which fortunately came down with the meds they gave me. 

 Since there was no interrogation of my new pacemaker in the hospital before I left,  the EP instructed me to go to the office the next day to have everything checked and the pacemaker checked by their pacer technician. She told me what the settings were, and what they meant, but she didn't adjust anything at that time. The adjustments were done during my six week checkup with the EP- by the St. Jude pacer tech at the specific instructions of the EP. 

So I am wondering if they did a chest x-ray after the surgery before you left the hospital, or checked the pacer settings at all before you left. Did they provide you with a monitor and instructions before you left. Although the latter can be done at a later time-during the followup visit  unless they send it to you via the mail. 

Anyhoo, good luck and aren't you glad that is behind you?






Post in wrong spot.

by Caguy - 2020-08-06 23:59:11

You can fine my posting, out in four.

info this morning

by Caguy - 2020-08-07 14:47:44

I got all my information this morning about my new pacemaker, and the tec texted me that they were sending me my home monintoring machine right away. The tec is a friend of mind. This morning I fill as I never even had a surgery.  But I'm still going to take it easy and relax . Glad it's over until next time. Take care everyone. 


by Caguy - 2020-08-09 15:18:39

The only thing I didn't like was the way my scar looks so far. They used glue with a purple cover and it looks as if the Dr just squeezed the cut together and there's a bump.  My wife says it's going down and in a few weeks it will be a lot better. I hope so, I never seen such a ugly looking scar.  I'm seeing the Dr Tuesday and will ask a lot of questions.  Will update after visit. Have a great day. 

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