Seatbelt protector UK

Hi All,

New PM last week.

I'm trying to contact tghe soft touch peopl - are they open at the moment?

I'm allowed to drive now, but I'm more often a passenger in my husbands car.  The seat belt sits bang on top of the device.  If we're in mine the seat belt misses it, but a sports car is not the best for shopping!

Is there a UK supplier?

Many thanks



Seat Belts and Pacemakers

by IAN MC - 2020-08-18 08:04:32

I, too, am in the UK and understand the problem of being a car passenger immediately post-implant.   Three suggestions :-

i)  Place a sponge between the belt and the incision wound. I did and it worked perfectly. You will only need to do this for a few weeks,  !

ii) Or,  persuade your husband to let you do all the driving

iii ) Or , if you have rear seats, (which you possibly don't ) sit in the back on the driver's side.

Best of luck



Seat belt help

by cardifflass - 2020-08-18 11:56:10

Thank you Ian!

Both our cars are 2 seater Smarts, mine being the Roadster.

I think the problem may go on for longer as we both target shoot.  The range (now open - hooray!) is at the end of a VERY long unmade road, with potholes.  I will only be using .22 for a good while, but the thought of that journey makes me cringe - sleeping policemen are bad enough and we have several in our street.

At the moment I've been using a folded up flannel but I might try the sponge idea instead.

Thanks for that



by dwelch - 2020-08-18 12:50:57

So in the USA where we drive on the correct side of the road...grin.  I deal with the seat belt every day....for the last 33 years.  

I have tried various things including that product, was not impressed, hurt more than it helped. 

Right after a new device, you want to bridge over the pacer, so something soft that lifts the belt away from you, a hand towel or a winter glove that tends to float around in the car, put it below or above the device so the belt is not touching the pacer at all.  

The rest of the time I use a big fuzzy fake sheepskin like seatbelt cover.  I wear it over the device, one or perhaps other folks on this site wear it just under as described above so that the belt is bridged between the padding and the top of your shoulder and doesnt touch the site.  You want something soft that will compress in case there is an accident and obviously you want to keep wearing the belt as snug as possible without it being uncomfortable so it can do its job.

For a while I had older vehicles without a shoulder strap, only a lap belt.  And for a while I had an old chevy that had these clips that you could slide up and would keep the belt slack, and in later vehicles I tried to replicate that clip in various ways (take a big binder clip, where the belt goes into the car when it retracts put the clip there right so it keeps the belt from retracting adjust to be just barely slack, problem is the belt then dangles out the door and keeps getting closed in the door), but now just go with the fuzzy seat belt cover.  In a loaner car just deal with it or hold the belt off the site with one hand or sometimes remember bring something with me.

Amazon or equivalent shopping sites should have multiple options.  In a pinch a folded up tube sock, hand towel, winter glove, sponge as mentioned above, wee tiny doll pillow, or other various household items.

You are not alone we all deal with it and then a percentage of us also deal with bras causing similar issues.

Seat belt

by cardifflass - 2020-08-18 15:06:49

At least the bra isn't a problem - the staps miss my device completely.My husband is a retired training and technical manager for  Mercedes and we will have a session fiddlng with the belts and ideas tomorrow.

I like the idea of above or below.


Thank you!

Seatbelt protector UK

by cardifflass - 2020-08-19 05:34:26

Thank you both.

My husband shot out to the garage this morning and presented me with a car wash sponge.  He had been thinkibng about it all night after I mentioned the suggestion and had been unable to sleep.  How sweet is that!

Anyway, another DOH! moment I tucked it under the seatbelt on the top of the shoulder.  Job done!  

That has saved me about 70 euros.

So glad I asked.  Now, when the rain stops I'll have to see how 2 miles of potholes affects the accelerometer!

Affordable port pillows

by atiras - 2020-08-19 11:00:58

For the record, I used a flannel and 'port pillow' from ebay. They cost much less than 70 euros. (I actually got a free one via ebay from somebody who makes them as charitable gifts for people undergoing cancer treatment, but she agreed that I qualigfied with a pacemaker -- as she said, if it hurts, it hurts, and you shouldn't have to pay to get comfortable.)

Driving on the Left

by IAN MC - 2020-08-20 10:01:25

Whenever I visit the U.S. I always drive on the left because that is what I'm used to doing.

Why do the other motorists give me such funny looks ?


Driving on the left

by AgentX86 - 2020-08-21 08:41:03

I don't know why everyone gives you funny looks. Noone follows any of the rules of the road. Bigges, oldest car with the best poker face, wins.

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