Micra pacemaker


i had my micra pacemaker fitted nearly 6 weeks ago,at 44 yrs ol. I know it is a fairly new type of pacemaker.

just wondering who else has one & for how long,your experiences etc.

be good to meet fellow patients like myself!


Micra pacemaker

by Gemita - 2020-08-23 06:24:18

Hello lovecats,

You are not alone in loving these creatures, but they certainly know how to control us, don't they?

If you use the search facility top right, (pressing "Q" on my computer gives me the search box), it should bring up some fairly recent posts on Micra pacemaker if you haven't already seen them.  Leadless technology is still in its infancy I believe but becoming more popular with many who are suitable candidates for this type of pacemaker.  I attach a link on leadless pacing in case it is of interest.


How was the procedure for you?  Did you recover quickly?  It would be interesting to hear your experience.

I have a regular Medtronic dual chamber pacemaker which comes with all the normal clutter of leads and device.  There has to be a better way but technology is improving all the time so there is hope for me yet.


Micra pacemaker

by ❤️cats - 2020-08-24 04:39:19

Hi gemita 

thankyou for responding! 

I had my micra pacemaker fitted after years of complications & symptoms. I had several blackout episodes & had a linq recorder inserted. My symptoms of fatigue & sob were dismissed for a long time,until the recorder showed a 30 second overnight pause. Even after this episode I had battles to have the procedure,but finally had it fitted this July. The procedure was pretty straight forward & interesting at the same time. A bit uncomfortable on insertion & palpitations during procedure. I felt very tired after but feel my energy levels rising now & definitely feel less sob. I am looking forward to my 6 week pacemaker check this week.i have lots of questions as after care on the ward wasn't good. I want to know about the pacemaker base rate,when it kicks in,rate response etc. I believe the pacemaker can be linked to my bedside Medtronic machine that I had with my linq recorder,which will be very interesting. Would like to hear other people's experience. I also love the idea on the club about naming your device! I am thinking "mickey" the micra?! 

30 second pause?

by AgentX86 - 2020-08-24 19:58:27

What, did they want you to die before they thought you needed a pacemaker? My EP went ballistic over eight seconds. I had it the next Monday morning (pause Friday morning).

Syncope is also deadly. Your pacemaker surgery should have been an emergency procedure as soon as the cause of the syncope was discovered and a pause that long. Find another doctor.

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