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I'm in my 80's and am on my second pacemaker which is now in its 13th year. Consequently the frequency of my checkups have gone from one year to six months down to three monthls for the last two. In March I was told the battery had 18 months. My next check was delayed ( presumably due to Covid) until last Friday when the technician told me the Battery had one year remaining and they would see me in six months. Later that day I noticed on my Apple Watch that my heart rate was around 60 - it has been around 70 for years.  I confirmed this by using my blood pressure Meter which showed the lower rate of 60. On interrogating my heart rate further on the watch I found a graph showing a clear downward line from 70 to 60 around the time of the appointment. I am feeling fine but wondering if there has been a change in UK policy-maybe due to Covid- to lower the heart rate to increase battery life and also make check ups less frequent. Also I'm a bit miffed that I wasn't told that the heart rate had been changed  as someone of my age could be prone to falls  

Comments and advice appreciated - as I am no expert in these matters




Conspiracy Theory !!

by IAN MC - 2020-08-23 13:17:25

Hi Ray    The most important sentence that you have written is  " I am feeling fine "  .    Why are you so obsessed with measuring numbers on your various devices , which may, or may not, be accurate ?

There is absolutely NO WAY that the NHS would start lowering the lower limits on pacemakers to save money !!!  This is yet another conspiracy theory related to  Covid-19. Estimates of remaining battery life can fluctuate.

To put your mind at rest , I suggest that you ring your Pacemaker Clinic , speak to one of the technicians, and ask what your lower setting is and if it has been changed for any reason.

In any case, it is highly unlikely that a resting heartrate of 60 bpm would make you any more prone to falls. I am a similar age to yourself and my lower setting is 55.

Best of luck


Ectopic beats ?

by Gemita - 2020-08-23 14:34:25

Hello Ray,

My husband has recently had his heart rate increased from 60 bpm to 70 bpm.  He is also in his 80s and we live in the UK. 

Unfortunately home monitors can get it wrong especially when ectopic beats or other rhythm disturbances are present and may not give you an accurate reading of your heart rate.  I usually feel my pulse and count manually.  In this way I can feel whether my rhythm is steady or irregular, fast or slow.  I hope for the very best for you.

Ectopic beats

by raynorfolk - 2020-08-24 02:49:35

Hello Gemita

Many thanks for your constructive comment. I have taken a number of pulse readings in the manner you have kindly suggested and am getting readings of around 60 beats per minute. 
Best Wishes


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