Blipping Arlets

Good day friends im planted  device in 2009 re implted again in 2015 from 2019 October started giving me arlets ,re tuned and setted again have 3 this year last one 20th been to the cardiologist in our counrty stated he has picked up erythimia adjusted blood pressure treatment is there perhaps someone who ever found her/him with same problem like mine ? 



by AgentX86 - 2020-08-31 23:08:13

You seem to have an ICD, rather than a simple pacemaker.  The alert is likely a warning that it has detected a potentially serious arrhythmia and is about to fire.  Your doctor has read the historical information from your ICD and has seen the problem.  He's changed your medication try to avaoid this problem in the future. 

This is potentially a vary dangerous situation so if you hear the alerts again, you probably should seek medical attention as soon as possible.  If you're doing anything potentially dangerous, stop.  Your ICD may fire perhaps causing you to lose consiousness temporarily. Your ICD may save your life if it fires. The alert may save your life too.

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So, my advice is to go about your daily routine and forget that you have a pacemaker implanted in your body.