I am new to this site. I have had 3 major heart surgeries since 1994.The last time was 12/18 when I han my mtal aortic vaive replaced with procine , also my tricuspid and mitral valves. difficult recovery. have had a pacemaker since 1994 .and of course battery changes along the way. Now I feel pretty good. On Entresto. The EP wants to put in an ICD .My EF is 22. I am 77. My feelig is say no.I hear depression is common after. Have to make a decision soon. I would like some input  thanks in advance



by AgentX86 - 2020-09-02 00:09:11

I hear "Do I want to live?".  Apparently you do, since you've already gone through a lot to keep on going and seem to be doing well. I don't understand why an ICD would cause depression that a pacemaker wouldn't.

An ICD is SOP for an LVEF less than 30 or 35.  I wouldn't be surprised if they went with a CRT to try to recover the LVEF, as well. You know what pacemaker surgery is all about.  So, what is the real question?



by Gemita - 2020-09-02 04:15:09

Hello Babette, 

I see an ICD as an extra layer of protection to step in to help you if and when you need it and to try to stop any serious rhythm disturbances from taking hold.  

I can understand the fear many ICD patients develop from the very real prospect of being shocked at any time and the worry and pain this may cause but I would like to believe that you would want to stay well for as long as possible for yourself and for your family.  You have been through so much, so why not take one further step to help yourself.  I do not believe your doctors would offer you an ICD if they felt it would not help, or if they felt you were too ill to really benefit, so I see it as something positive not negative.

Fear of depression and anxiety can be overcome with help from your medical team.  There are so many therapies out there and you do not have to suffer alone.   I see you are a retired nurse.  I would speak to your family, friends and to your general doctor about your fears, your very real concerns about having an ICD.  Getting those fears out of your system will help you to free your mind and to allow constructive thoughts in to help you to come to the best decision.  I wish you well whatever you decide

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