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Hi everyone.

On Dec. 5, 2019, I had a pacemaker implanted. After about 3 weeks, I started feeling light-headed and had difficulty concentrating, sometimes feeling like I might faint. My normal blood pressure prior to this implant was approximately 136/80. In recent months, my blood pressure is now much lower, approximately 100/60. I have spoken to numerous doctors and cardiologists and they have not been able to explain any of these changes, saying that this is relatively normal. I currently take Atenolol 25 mg and Flecainide 50 mg/2x a day. My doctors claim that these are minimal dosages and should not affect my blood pressure. Have any of you experienced anything similar to this; and if so, what have you been advised to do??


Beta blocker and Anti arrhythmic meds

by Gemita - 2020-09-10 03:25:37

Hello Jimmy,

Yes I have experienced what you are going through and yes your meds are low dose but nonetheless may still adversely affect you.  A beta blocker like Atenolol is often used for hypertension so will most certainly lower your blood pressure.

Looking at your lower blood pressure numbers, 100/60 wouldn't be so abnormal for me personally, although it might be on the low side for you.  Your near syncope symptoms I would think are likely to be caused by the condition the meds are treating ?  Do you have an arrhythmia ?

My blood pressure can fall to around 80/47 and I really know about it when it does.  This usually happens during an arrhythmia like Atrial Fibrillation.  I found Flecainide to be pro arrhythmic and had to stop it since I developed Atrial Flutter.  Flecainide can also cause lightheadedness and symptoms such as you describe so maybe speak to your doctors about an alternative med?  I am now only on a beta blocker (Bisoprolol) low dose to calm my arrhythmias.  As a matter of fact I found once I had settled down with my pacemaker pacing me at a higher, steadier heart rate, I no longer needed all my medication to treat my arrhythmias apart from a beta blocker to control any sudden high heart rate, but I have been lucky. 

As you will probably know although our pacemaker can prevent our heart rate from falling below the set minimum limit, it cannot do the same for blood pressure.  If you can, increase your water intake.  I would ask your doctors for further monitoring since this may identify the cause of your symptoms. You could also ask, if you do have arrhythmias, whether any important events have been logged by your pacemaker.  In fact I would ask to see a copy of your pacemaker data to see what is set up and what has been recorded.  You will then be in a better position to discuss any difficulties with your doctors.  Good luck

blood pressure

by pattiii - 2020-10-05 09:31:53

that is what mine is running, I feel ok.  Mine is always low better then high

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