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Hey there, Its Ahamad here I love to join the club, so I born with third degree heart block got dual chamber pacemaker in 2013 things were going very well till 2020 when in March 2020 I started feeling some shortness of breath and went to my cardiologist. He did echo and tell that your EF decrease to 45% but he said your heart is little weak. They upgrade my pacemaker to Crt pacemaker but I still having complications its been almost four months now, my heart beat very fast and having some nausea, weird feeling and shortness of breath. I went to my dr he said everything is fine it will take time. I am fighting with my body and I dont know what to do..... when things will change for me.



by AgentX86 - 2020-09-11 18:35:54

A decrease in EF isn't at any time but 45% isn't all that bad.  You shouldn't be having these problems with your LVEF a little low. Define "heart beat very fast".  How fast is fast, when you're resting?  Is it fast but regular or fast and irregular?  It sounds like you have some sort of arrhythmia going on, which can cause nausea.  More information is needed.

In similar situation to yours.

by asully - 2020-09-17 18:20:21

Still on dual chamber atrial senses for CHB.  Been miserable for months with HF symptoms, palpitations, racing heart rate at rest and other times.  The tachycardia was constant or high enough for my pacemaker to log as an event.  Finally just happens to be at my docs office when an episode happens, hooked me up to ekg and found out I have atrial tachy and will likely need ablation and switch to biventricular pacing. They are going to do a four week halter monitor on me to help catch the arrythmias. If the events aren't happening when you in the office ask the EP to order the home monitor so they can catch them if u are having any and can treat them.  Good luck!

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