PM and AF

Hi All,
I had a pm implant 2 weeks ago for because of low pulse problems.I also have AF but I thought the pm did not help with AF but at least one posting indicated that the pm was helping with AF.So I'm confused. Jim


PM and AF

by Vai - 2007-05-17 02:05:02

I think it was my posting that indicated the PM helped with the AF, so I thought I clarify. I am not a doctor and, like you, I am learning everyday about this illness from personal experience and asking questions.

The PM is designed primarily to help patients with slow heartrates. When the heartrate falls below a programmed mininum (example 60 bpm) the PM stimulates the heart to a faster rate. This keeps the patient from dizziness, fainting episodes, etc.

The PM is not a cure for AF.

I have both bradycardia due to SSS and also suffer from persistent AF. I was implanted with a PM to help my slow heart rate. I was prescribed Sotalol to suppress the AF and aspirin to mitigate the risk of stroke from blood clots that may arise from the effects of blood pooling in the atria during an AF episode. The medications suppress the heart rate to reduce AF episodes but in doing so, it may bring the heart too slow and cause dizziness, fainting spells & other symptoms. The PM then kicks in to support the heart rate.

The PM monitors the heart for all arrythmias and when it detects one, it may intervene instantaneously. Based on the interrogation report, the tech explained that my PM detected the onset of an arrythmia and intervened to restore the heart rythmn. The arrythmia which left unattended may lead to a full-blown AF episode.

Best of luck to you. Drop me a private message if you wish to discuss further.


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