Feel worn out!

Hi! I received my pacemaker four days ago and felt like a million bucks the day after. I was thrilled!

Since then, I feel so run down and tired. I'm okay with the pain, all is well, bp good, pulse amazing, I'm eating, moving around and slept the last two nights. My daughter comes to visit. I'm just really tired.  

I was diagnosed because of a slow heartbeat for years, that started dropping into the 30s! I'm wondering if my heart can't keep up with the pace. My heart muscle is very healthy; it's the electrical that was problematic. 

Is being this tired after the surgery normal? I've been so lucky and have never had another surgery. I'm wiped out! Will I have my strength back eventually? 

I'm glad to have found the club! Please send any advice to help me along. I'm ready to restart!!!



by AgentX86 - 2020-09-12 21:16:21

It's only been four days.  Give yourself a chance.  You may need to start slowly to get used to your "new normal" (I hate that term).  You may need a "tuneup" for maximum benefit but they're unlikely to do anything for a few weeks yet. It may just be a lingering hangover from the ansesthesia (did they use a general, consious sedation, or just a local?).

Some people have an immediate improvement.  Some take weeks to feel better and, unfortunately, some don't.  However, with just Bradycardia you should be back soon, better than ever.  Much depends on your attitude, too.  Don't give up now!

I’ve got this!

by Hightechgran - 2020-09-13 00:50:31

Thanks so much for your words of encouragement! I'm taking it really easy, just excited for the future now that I'm past the event! 

I had conscious sedation for the procedure and assumed that the recovery would be less difficult as a result. I must remember to give my dear body a moment to adjust! 

Thanks for helping me out! Your feedback is much appreciated!


by rolson - 2020-09-14 09:48:38

If you are very concerned call your doctor.  Otherwise,  rest, relax and give your heart time to adjust. It too me two years to start to feel normalish. Hugs

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