Hello, Everyone My Name Is Suki I'm 49 And I Received My Pacemaker Wich I Named "Grace" On July 27th 2020, On My Last Check Up My Dr, Said I Healed Quick And My Incision Looks Amazing, But I Still Feel Discomfort On The Incision It's Self Is That Normal?


Your new pacemaker "Grace"

by Gemita - 2020-09-14 06:36:53

Hello Suki,

I am glad your incision "looks amazing" and this will be a very good sign that it is probably healing as it should.

In view of the fact that your doctor has seen you recently, I would be reassured that what you are experiencing is "normal".  When I first had my pacemaker, it actually took several months for me to feel comfortable around the device area, but some folks feel better after 6 weeks or so.  It could be that clothing is rubbing against the wound and causing some irritation, so maybe a little padding over the device will help until you feel less sensitive.

Unless you see signs of swelling, redness or any oozing/discharge from the incision itself or signs of anything protruding from the incision, like the device itself (which would require immediate attention from your doctors), I would not be concerned.  I am sure Grace will take good care of you.  Good luck

Six weeks

by AgentX86 - 2020-09-14 11:45:10

Completely normal.  It may feel sensitive for a lot longer (sorry to say).  Mine took about eight months until it wasn't hyper-sensitive to touch.  Anything more than a shirt touching the area drove me crazy.  Device checks (hockey puck on the chest) weren't fun times at all. 

At six weeks, you're doing amazingly.  Just keep on going.  Ignore what you can and just look forward to just getting on with your life and forgetting about your pacemaker (you will).

five months today

by KF - 2020-09-22 13:30:44

Hi Grace's owner. I logged on today ironically because I was about to ask the same question. First thanks to Gemita and AgentX86 for their caring and knowledgeable answers. Today is my fifth anniversary and a routine visit to the dermatologist two months ago assured me that all is ok. Just about anything I wear causes me some degree of irritation. Also,  my seat belt will forever be under my left arm. I will just add that I have scars from younger days and they still let me know they are there. Stay well and don't forget to thank Grace now and then. 

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