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So took your advice and went back to my old hospital for a second opinion. 

On my last box change the new hospital changed my settings to 50bpm instead of 60bpm as they had been for 23years also they turned off a damaged lead and didn't replace it saying I didn't need it.

Tec today wasn't happy with what they have done but says I am OK without the other lead but she is going to speak to her boss and come back to me. 

My PM has now been set at 60bpm but since I got home 5hrs ago I can feel myself pacing all the time, I understand that it's gona kick in earlier but this didn't when it was last set at 60 so why now? It's not a nice feeling is there a answer to this


You probably need that second lead to feel comfortable again

by Gemita - 2020-09-15 17:57:25

Maureen hello,

Well you are a step further on into finding a solution for your symptoms.  

When you were last set at 60 bpm, was this when you had an active atrial lead (the one which has been switched off?). Maybe you are symptomatic because you have lost synchrony between the top and bottom heart chambers?  Even though you may be paced predominantly in the ventricles, you may still miss that atrial lead or are finding it difficult to tolerate right ventricle pacing alone.  Give it 24 hours and see whether your sleep problems ease with 60 bpm and then decide whether the new higher heart rate suits you or not.  If you cannot tolerate it after 24 hours, then I would ask for their advice and also ask for the atrial lead to be replaced, so you can feel yourself again

It may be the lack of atrial pacing

by crustyg - 2020-09-15 18:14:05

Having survived for two years on basically junctional rhythm, I found that the power/intensity/sensation of each heartbeat went *down* once my PM went in, and I was atrial paced.

It's easy to forget that there is an important sympathetic nerve supply to the heart (the fight-or-flight system) and this has a big effect on the strength of each heartbeat.  If your BP is lower than ideal due to lack of A=>V synchrony, one response is to drive the sympathetic system - so even though the PM actually triggers each heartbeat, the nerve supply makes each beat more powerful. Which you can feel, it sounds like.

You will get used to this after a while (although lying on your left side is likely to make it more noticeable).

Keep pushing for that atrial lead replacement.

Best wishes.

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