Hi Everyone,

Someone suggested I check out think in response to my questions about stroke).It is very negative and
scarey. It portrays Afib as a progressive disease with stroke twice as likely as the regular population even with anti-coagulants-otherwise 5-6 times more likely.It states that our quality of life is severly reduced-the equivilant of severe rheumatoid arthritis.Not very comforting. Anyone have a different perspective ( I have a pacemaker for bradycardial, taking atenolol -75 and 325 of asprin for afib). Jim


Afib & drugs for bradycardia

by Vai - 2007-05-22 07:05:22

Hi Surferman,
There are 3 points to answer your question
1. the PM supports the bradycardia
2. the atenolol slows the heart down and suppress afib
3. the aspirin thins the blood to mitigate the risk of blood
clots if & when afib episodes occur
I guess your doc must have diagnosed that you do not have afib and therefore do not need these medications.

Hi Jim,
The available readings on Afib is quite negative. Dominique posted some extract on afib from and that was helpful reading as well. With a known afib problem, the key is to work with your doctors to manage it. With severe afib episodes, it can be very debilitating to the point of being unable to function properly and run a high risk of stroke as well.

Drugs for bradycardia

by Surferman - 2007-05-22 12:05:39

Hi Jim,

Like you, I was diagnosed with bradycardia with a second degree block. I had my St. Jude PM implanted in early March, 2007. What I'm curious about is the fact that you're taking atenolol and 325 aspirin. My EP/implant surgeon didn't recommend that I take any drugs! I'm wondering why? Is it because my blood is thin enough (within the acceptable range) that I don't need to take drugs, esp. blood thinners I guess that the
aspirin you're taking is for blood thinning purposes. Be thankful that you're not on Cuomadin, also used as a blood thinner.

Welcome to the club and keep us posted. Surferman.

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