Two weeks ago I had a small spot appear on my pacemaker scar, and some soreness/possible swelling under my arm that might have been related but might also have been coincidental. The pacemaker has also been feeling just generally a bit sore, as if something is rubbing or has moved. My GP put me on antibiotics in case of infection which really affected my stomach.  For a while was taking the probiotic lactobacillus rhamosus which was really helping. But I stopped taking it because I read some pieces about sepsis infections involving this bacteria. Most of the patients were vulnerable or immunosuppressed and in hospital for serious problems, but some ot them were patients with mechanical implants. I then noticed that many of the medical trials involving probiotics exclude people with pacemakers.

I have follow up from my cardiologist next week about the problems I have been experiencing with my pacemaker. In the meantime my GP has now stopped the antibiotics because my culture was negative, the small spot I had is gone, and she thinks the discomfort I have isn't infection related. But I do eat a lot of probiotic yogurt anyway as I have Crohn's Disease. I'm now wondering if this is safe. My GP didn't have any answers.

Does anyone else here take probiotics? Has anyone ever asked their cardiologist about it?


ask your doctor to be sure

by Tracey_E - 2020-09-17 12:32:01

I don't see how replacing good bacteria in your gut is going to affect the pacemaker, probiotics are just supplementing what the stomach does on its own. Yogurt doesn't even have that much, the sweeteners usually kill the active cultures. I've never specifically asked my doctor abouit it but I drink kombucha and eat fermented vegetables regularly as well as eat yogurt. 

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