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Hi Everyone,

I had my PM put in last month. It stopped the dizzinesss and tiredness but I was getting intermittant sharpe chest pains 4 times a day for around 10 minutes.Went for my check up. The Doc lowered my pulse rate bottom from 60 to 50.
Since then, slowly but consistently I have been getting dizzy-now just from walking fast and going up stairs. However chest pain only a few times in a week for less than a minute.
Today it seems even worse now I'm wondering if I pulled out a wire from doing too much lawnmower yard work. I have an appointment but I'm worried.Can't seem to get out of the woods with this PM. Jim



by Surferman - 2007-05-31 11:05:19

Hi Kiljake,

You may need to talk to you MD again about the PM. Mowing the lawn is a strenuous exercise; I hope you didn't dislodge any leads. I really limited myself for the first six weeks, as my EP insisted. She said it takes the leads in the heart, six weeks, to scar over. I followed her advice and have never had problems. Now, after 10 weeks after surgery, I can do anything with my left arm The old cliche, Haste Makes Waste, applies to PM surgery. I'm always amazed to read about mew pacers who are anxious to get back to their exercise routines; I think they're asking for trouble.
Go back to you MD and get checked out and have him and the PM company technician get it working right for you. Surferman

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