2nd PM installed today

I had my 2nd PM installed today (medtronics adapta addr01) it replaced my first PM which was 8 years old. My question is I have a great deal of swelling around the incision (same opening as original). I know there seemed to be a great deal of pulling and pushing to get the old one out. Is this normal and to be expected? It sounded so simple, small incision, take the old one out, place the new one in, a few stiches - no big deal or so everyone said. Thanks for any input.



by jessie - 2007-05-10 10:05:15

it is never as simple as they would like you to believe. it is still a foreign object implanted in the body whether the first or second. i would think that the area could easily become irritated in the second implant area especialyy if it is the same area as the first. think about it a pacemaker sat there for eight years. tissue grew around it. they removed it and that alone could cause irritation especially pulling it away from the tissue. then they implanted the new one into the same area. you probably received a course of antibiotics maybe cloxacillin.they always tho try to maake it sound so easy. i am a bad one to ask as i have a deep seated mistrust for the medical profession going back many years to my yute. haha so my advice is keep a close eye on swelling and pain. if no improvement in say a week bug them and bug them and bug them. be your own advovate. it does not matter if they like it or not. that is irrelevant. the important thing is to like yourself. so good luck and god bless. jessie


by Surferman - 2007-05-10 11:05:18

Hi jpc. Jessie really made some good points. I bet a lot of scar tissue grew around the first implant. And they had to clean that out and make a nice pocket for the second one. I was surprised to see so much swelling when my first pm was implanted ust 8 weeks ago. Took four weeks for the swelling to noticeably go away - so be patient. Do you have to wear a sling again?? Did your lead have to be removed and new ones implanted. If so, I think that must have made it more than just a simle surgery. Think positive; you're got another eight years of smooth pacing. You're in my prayers. Surferman.

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