Consultation on June 5th

Hi everyone, thanks for your support lately. Yes I have an appointment on Tuesday morning June 5th to consult about and schedule my pacemaker implant surgery. I wish it were here already, I am so more than ready to feel better and hopefully wean off of these medications. They make me feel terrible (Midodrine 10mg 3 times per day and Toprol XL 50mg once per day at night). If they want to do it to me that day I say do it. I'm ready. Thanks y'all again and I'll keep you posted. Just trying to get through these next few work days while feeling badly. -Constance



by StarWish624 - 2007-05-31 04:05:27

I am 1 1/2 weeks post-op. Best wishes for you. I am so glad to have found such helpful info. on this site. Before I went to the hospital, I bought several button shirts at the Thrift Shop, and a strapless bra for wearing during recovery. Boy, I'm glad that I did! My DR's office NEVER told me how important it is to have these things. You cannot raise your arm over your head to pull on a shirt, so the button shirts work great! And WHO wants a bra strap rubbing and pressing on the surgery site - NOT ME! I got a bra that works 4 ways (with and without straps) so that I could use it afterwards, too.
Don't forget to order a medical ID bracelet. I also ordered the SOFT TOUCH (see ad on right) to put on my car steering wheel.
See ya on the other side (when you become bionic, too) Bionic Barb

the same

by lana - 2007-05-31 07:05:05

I go in for consultaion on June 5th and procedure is the 6th. I really didn't get any info from my cardiologist, he just said he was making the appointment and he did.

I have been stressed about it. I have read so many negative things and complications that it has me weary.
But I guess I will go. At least talk to the Dr and decide
if there is chance of too many complications.

I have had quadruple bypass. The bypasses have collapsed one at a time and brought on total of four.

I am on about 18 pills a day. I swell a lot and hard to breath. I am doing ok considering all I have been through, and more than mentioned.

I sure want some more energy back again.

I wish you luck and best wishes.


Hang in there

by Suze - 2007-06-01 10:06:07

Hi Constance and Lana,
I'm sorry you are having problems. I wish you all the best. I'm hoping things get better really soon...

Hang in there.
God Bless,

you WILL feel better!

by bambi - 2007-06-01 11:06:53

Hi Constance,
One of the reasons that my Dr. put in a pacemaker for me, was the fact that all the beta blockers' side affects were putting me in the hospital at least 3 times a year! They, among other things, slowed down my digestive system so badly, that I developed intestinal blockages constantly! After the pacemaker, I was off all meds, and I haven't had ANY of the previous problems! I sincerely hope you can ditch some of your meds and the new pacemaker will make you feel like a new woman! Take care!

almost here!

by tachybrady - 2007-06-02 03:06:03

Ask lot's of questions if you are unsure about anything. Don't minimize your pain, be comfortable. The more relaxed you feel, the easier it will be for you! No one knows how nervous you are but you, so be kind and patient with yourself, and your recovery. I wrote and read the most on this site when I had the uncertainty of recovery. I think that all will agree, that is why we are here. There are slow days, and good days. You can manage it with flying colors.

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