Just wanted to share this, I talked to a friend of mine last night, former neighbor, and informed her that I had a PM implanted. She related to me that several years ago doctors told her she needed a PM and she refused. She was diagnosed with Bradycardia. She just turned 81 and still has Bradycardia with a normal pulse rate of 44- 50. How long can a person survive with Bradycardia without have a PM??? Just curious. She has lived 15 years without one and in fairly good health. Any comments?



by BABlocker - 2007-07-21 10:07:52

One of the criteria used for implantation is whether the patient is symptomatic with the lower heart rate. Apparently this person is not feeling the ill effects as her energy demands are not requiring a higher heart rate. Her doctors did recommend it because many people will have problems with a low heart rate over time. Good for her!

it is interesting

by jessie - 2007-07-21 12:07:16

yes my pulse was 28 and i could hardly walk a step. so that told me i was in some kind of trouble but i did not know at the time wwhat. some people feel alright with a slow pulse but not as slow as mine was. so hope this helps to understand jessie

I was hospitalized...

by queen_beez - 2007-07-22 05:07:51

because of "bradycardia". I didnt know thats what it was when I was admitted. I was in the hospital for almost 2 weeks as I had othr issues too. But this is my story,briefly, my heart beat would go down to 17 -24 heartbeats a minute. A few times during my stay before the PM. The nurses would come running in to my room ,they thought I was "coding" and I was just coing back from the restroom or just watching tv. I felt dizzy but I wasn't really feeling like I was at deaths door. AT one point the nurses called my doctor at 3am asking "When was low low enough", concerning my heartrate. They were on pins and needles about it the whole time. Even the doctor said my hearrate just keeps getting lower and lower. What I am trying to say is .With some people who don't use alot of energy they are a symptomactic.How long can one live with bradycardia?, well if ones heartbeat stays at a normal resting rate for that person then I would say a very long time. If ones heartrate continues to drop or there are a lot of problems ,dizzy,passing out, headaches, short of breath. Then I would suspect one would not live for much longer. I think every person is different and I think if you are a young guy ,are physically fit ,and active then getting the PM was probabably the right decision.
I hope you feel better and I hope you got a little answer.

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