Hello. I had a pacemaker 10 weeks ago now and am already feeling the benefits - its amazing! I have just one main problem though....soreness and swelling around the wound/scar. I don't necessarily have to do much at all for it to become lumpy and sore. It is beginning to bug me and i just wondered if anyone else experienced this?
In some respects, it would be nice to be reassured that this may be normal.


Thanks, Cathryn!

by M_Fox - 2007-07-06 08:07:50

I searched for 'keloid' and found 'hypertrophic scar', as well.
my scar looks a little like #5, so I'll monitor it and if it doesn't improve I'll see if I can get a steroid shot. My rheumatologist may even be able to do it, as she has already given me steroid shots for inflammation in my hips.

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But I think it will make me feel a lot better. My stamina to walk is already better, even right after surgery. They had me walk all around the floor before they would release me. I did so without being exhausted and winded the way I had been.