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I have my sleep number bed for two months and for a while I feel restless and some times have to sit up in bed I have the sleep number base also vi didn't know there were leads attached to the mattress four of them and what there purpose is to hold the mattress in place. I call them and was explained that they will come and take the leads off and add brackets to do the same work. They also said to make sure I am not in the room when they take the magnets off I so far am very pleased with the co


Sleep number

by AgentX86 - 2020-10-03 00:29:05

You're being way too paranoid.  I don't know what these "leads" are but they sound like passive wires, just to hold things together.  If so, these can't do anything to your pacemaker.  It is also highly unlikely that the magnets will do anything, and then only if you placed them directly on your pacemaker.  There is nothing around a normal home that will affect your pacemaker.  Some welders are a problem and my EP told me to be very careful around alternators (only gubecause I'm dependent and have no escape rhythm).

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