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Hi all


I am 4.5 weeks post surgery for new leads and a new pacemaker unit.  Today, without thinking, I lifted my arm above my head.  Now I am worried that I might have pulled a lead out and am wondering how I would know if i have?!?!

Am a little paranoid as I have had heaps of issues in the past with infection etc with pervious pacemakers so might be overly worried.


Have you pulled a lead out ?

by Gemita - 2020-10-05 04:29:12

Hello Joanna,

Firstly, how do you feel ?  I understand you feel worried but do you have any other symptoms like chest discomfort, breathlessness, dizziness, weakness (symptoms like you might have had before your pacemaker implant depending on your condition being treated)?  Have you noticed any sudden changes in pacing, like a slow or fast heart rate which might indicate a loss of capture?  

If you are relatively symptom free, I would feel reassured Joanna.  It is not easy to pull a lead out I was told.  I can recall lifting my arm up also during the 6 week period, not recommended of course, but it happens so easily, so quickly, so naturally.  If however you are really worried you could always have a word with your clinic and get them to check the position of your leads and also test the leads for any problems.  

Thank you Gemita!

by JoannaM - 2020-10-05 06:10:25

Thank you so much for your very thoughtul and reassuring reply. I don't have any symptoms at all.  I ended up ringing my cardiologist office and they were not worried at all.  They said that by four weeks the leads are pretty well set and it takes quite a lot to pull them out!  

I so appreciate you taking the time to reply to me - this is such a supportive place to get information :)

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