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Hi everyone. Just got a 2 lead PM put in on 12/10 for bradycardia. Went home after 12 hours in surgery center. Couldn't get comfortable all night with severe neck stiffness. Called my EP next morning. While waiting for response I developed shortness of breath and went to ER, then admitted to hospital. Long story short I'd developed pneumonia. Covid test negative. After 2 days in hospital im being discharged today. Here's my question for you: im having twinges right over the PM implant. Hospitalist said it's normal but I just would like to know if anyone here has had similar twinges. Thanks!



by Persephone - 2020-12-13 14:10:55

Hi katwilly - I hope you are feeling better. What an experience to go through. I'm glad you're able to go home, where you can rest and recover. To answer your question, yes, I've felt  twinges here and there since implant 3yrs ago.  I would describe them as soft tissue or muscular twinges. Thankfully no nerve-related problems have cropped up, and I hope you do not experience that kind of pain. Please rest and take care.

Edited to add that some folks here have experienced nerve-related issues. While I hope that's not what's going on with you, you can use the search function on this site to see their posts and the discussion.  Best wishes to you  for a smooth and steady recovery.

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