Pocket revision

Has anyone had a pocket revision to bury the device deeper under muscle? I have had pain for 4 month, since getting my device, and that's what they are considering doing. They say some poeople are more comfortable with it buried deeper ad he hopes that will resolve the daily pain I have. There is ot a single day that I am without pain, since my August implantaion.



Pocket Revision

by Gemita - 2020-12-20 09:23:14

Hello Trajac71,

You may care to read the following Pacemaker Club Search link on Pocket Revision (if you haven't already seen) which might be helpful



If you do a search on the second link it will give you all the Pocket Revision posts.  

I haven't had this procedure done, but my understanding is that, because the device is buried deeper, it may take longer to heal from this procedure and you may have more discomfort "initially".  Long term though you should be more comfortable from any daily "friction rub" from seat belts, backpack straps, clothing and so on.  Burying the device deeply (sub pectoral muscle) minimizes risk of skin breakdown.  You will almost certainly be better off as far as cosmetic appearance is concerned.  

The only thing that worries me is whether you are mainly suffering from sensitivity/friction rub of a prominent device or whether the cause of your pain is due to something else that has happened?  I presume you have had checks to rule out other possible causes of your pain, like nerve, blood vessel, tissue irritation somewhere?  Have they checked whether your device has moved and things like this, or do they just feel that burying it deeper would be the solution?  

Update Sorry, I have just seen your medical history and I can see your pacemaker has migrated from its original position.  You obviously need your device repositioned or held in position better, so I do hope you find the right solution 

Agree with Traacey

by PacedNRunning - 2020-12-20 18:40:26

Be careful with moving it too soon. I would wait a year at least.  I had bad pain from my implant.  It was mild to moderate at times right after implant.  Got better after massages and rest. Then bam hit me severely!! Awful!  After therapy, ice and rest.  Much better.  Sometimes moving it can make it worse if it's nerve related. I personally would wait. I know someone that got hers moved and it got worse.  I know others have had great results. But it really depends on the reason for the discomfort.  Is it location or bothering arm movements, pain etc.  

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