CRT-P placement

It's me again. CRT-P implanted Nov.19th. I can't get over how much bigger and visible this thing is :(  It also seems a lot closer to my side/armpit. My bra strap irritates it and it feels like little pinches or shocks. It is also extremely uncomfortable when reaching for things and trying to sleep. (I'm a side sleeper)

Do they ever go back qnd reposition it? It feels ans looks as if it is directly under my skin. My dual-chamber didn't look or feel so close to the surface. I can't imagine it like this for the next 5-10 years. 

Damie Rodriguez


CRT-P placement

by Aberdeen - 2020-12-27 09:53:35

Damie, I had a CRT-P implanted in May 20 . I had a dual chamber pacemaker implanted in January 20. I felt the CRT looked bigger but after a few months it seemed less visible. I too had little shocks but they have stopped. As for bras I am still wearing a strapless one- I am going to try wearing my normal bra with padding soon. 

I didn’t sleep on the pacemaker side for a while but I am now doing so.In my experience it will feel better!


by Aberdeen - 2020-12-27 09:57:04

Just for clarity the dual chamber pacemaker was replaced by the CRT -P pacemaker.

Repositioning device

by Gemita - 2020-12-27 11:35:07

Dear Damie,

I do understand your disappointment and discomfort and need to rid yourself of this monstrosity but I would just advise a bit of caution.  Things may get better with a little more time and prevent you from going through the trauma of a deeper implant with no guarantee of a 100 per cent comfort, or a quick fix.

If you are really in trouble and want your device repositioned or buried deeper, I would have a word with your team to find out when you could safely move your device and have them explain to you clearly what is involved and what would be involved in the future when the device battery would need changing?  It would be more complicated than opening your present pocket and taking out the old device and sliding in a new one.  I have read they sometimes want to wait for 6 months+ following implant before moving the device, by which time you would be able to see and know how the device was settling in.  

I also had intense discomfort from my simple dual chamber pacemaker and thought it would never settle in, but it did and it is far less noticeable now too.  Mine has moved slightly towards my left armpit as well and I kept getting tiny shocks all over the chest and into the back.  I couldn't understand what was going on, but nature always heals, if we give it time.

Please do have a word with your team for their advice.  Let them know how you feel, get them on your side and see where to safely go from here.  I am sure they will move it if that is your ultimate wish but listen to their advice as well before rushing into anything.  For comfort reasons, my pacemaker team would move my device, but not for cosmetic reasons alone.  The latter doesn't bother me anymore at 72, but comfort does and would be the deciding factor.  Good luck


by AgentX86 - 2020-12-27 18:45:44

I had a CRT-P from day-1 but yes, they are somewhat larger but not by that much (look them up on the web to compare).  You're only six weks out so there could still be considerable swelling and/or they cold have remade the pocket in a different place (apparently) and shallower.  Mine too is right under the skin and the leads are clearly visible.  Mine is just under the collar bone and, it seems, further from the shoulder.  I can see where you're disappointed.

At six weeks, you can't really expect to sleep on that side, either.  It took me months before I could sleep on that side (I'm normally a stomach sleeper but sleep directly on the PM).

I doubt that you'll get them to reposition the PM.  I don't think any insurance would cover it. It wouldn't be cheap and opening the wound again would "unnecessarily" expose you to infection.

Wait before doing anything

by jds66 - 2020-12-27 18:54:27

My God, I wish I would take my own advice sometimes, but wait, like a year, before you do anything. I had a dual chamber for nine years, Medtronic Revo. 

Now, three weeks ago, I am now with a third lead and a Medtronic Serena. Because of this third lead, the unit is 3mm thicker. Yes, that does make a difference. 

But, I will say from experience, with the first dual chamber pacer, after a year, you could barely see it, it almost integrated itself into my body. 

I know this one is going to stick out a bit more, and being a male, I cannot say that I can relate to the bra issue. 

I think waiting is the right thing to do here, and over time, it will not be as bad as it is right now. 

And, I also know not the answer that you want, but the answer I give is out of worry that you react too soon, to something that may be ok enough for you, say this summer. 

Please give it time. 

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