Hi i am having surgery on the 27th of this month and having a pacemaker fitted.
Does it hurt, can you feel them doing this??
Regards Daisy


no problems

by TOGUY - 2007-06-21 04:06:09

Hi Daisy,
I had my PM inplanted two months ago; operation lasted one hour 15 mins. under a local no pain at all I did not have to take tylenol or anything went home 3 hours after the operation. The site was a bit tender with some brusing but very little discomfort. remember not to use your arm for a few weeks as the docs will tell you.It will go very well please let us know how you are doing.

did not hurt

by jessie - 2007-06-21 07:06:10

hi daisy, i had mine implanted in august last summer. it did not hurt. i think they gave me sedation and i know it wasn't long and it was in and after it was a little tender but tylenol and ice packs helped and after about 3 months i was fine and began to feel great again. there was no severe pain with it only tenderness in the area. so good luck and don't worry jessie

Pain is not terrible

by sweetkozy - 2007-06-21 11:06:55

Hi Daisy,
Mine was implanted 5 yrs ago. They sedated me so I slept through the entire procedure and didn't feel a thing. When I woke up I was extremely sore, but they also placed mine under the muscle which added to my discomfort. I took tylenol and it seemed to help a little. The pain was NOT agonizing by any means and I have a very low pain tolerance. I was released the next day and had slight discomfort for about a week or two. It's not too bad and very quick. Good Luck with everything and make sure to keep us posted. You will be up and running and no time! :)


Daisy surgery

by Vai - 2007-06-22 06:06:44

Experiences do vary. I had mine implanted 2006 and I felt no pain throighout the entire process and post surgery recovery. I was prescribed pain medication but I did not had to take them beyond the 1st day. Advise you to get directions from the doctor on post surgery care and do's & dont's. If you need further clarifications and advise, get help from this site.
God bless you.

Thank You so Much for your comments

by Daisy - 2007-06-25 05:06:43

You have put my mind at rest regarding the operation.Has any of you had problems with insurance etc???
God Bless all of you for thinking of me.
Regards Daisy

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