Tonal vs Mirror vs Peloton

Due to all the different surgeries I'll be going through in the next few months, I would rather not be out on the streets running and cycling. Thinking about getting one of these new exercise machines. Anyone has any of the ones I've mentioned? Any thoughts?


👍 Peloton

by Pinkit94 - 2021-02-24 22:58:52

I have the peloton, totally worth it, as they offer more than just cycling classes (such as pilates, bootcamp and yoga). Your first class will be the hardest thing you will ever do, don't feel discouraged, just keep pedaling and you will get better. I have an icd/pacemaker and haven't had any problems, no interference or with any magnet problem. I got the peloton because of my erratic work/school schedule, peloton lets me exercise at any time I want. Best of luck!

It entirely depends on you and your motivation

by crustyg - 2021-02-25 05:59:33

Many pieces of home gym kit sit there gathering dust - lack of motivation, willpower, enthusiasm - a waste of money and space.

The advantage of the intelligent devices and their subscription-based connectivity is that they harness the power of group exercise, peer-pressure, and something more interesting than a blank wall as you exercise.  The underlying reason why Weightwatchers works is a) peer-pressure, b) you've paid money up-front so you might as well get something out of it.

A swim-club chum of mine dramatically improved his cycling performance by training one winter on his inexpensive turbo-trainer using a YouTube channel to get him to do something more challenging than just sitting there pedalling for 30-60min.  A change of rate/load is a really good thing for cycling.

I bought an inexpensive fluid-braked turbo-trainer at the start of Lockdown 1, and cope by watching Netflix on my smartphone that is magnetically held onto the sweat stopper by the handlebars: total cost about $170.  I avoided the magnetic versions as they really mess up the MV feature of my PM (SSS+CI, so I need a good RR for cycling) - but you're Medtronic so that's not an issue for you.  Same bike as I use outdoors, but I change the back wheel to reduce noise (I have winter tyres on ATM, with tread) and turbo-trainers using a roller system can make a lot of noise, and hammer the back tyre.

I used to use an intelligent trainer - Tacx, with direct chain drive to resistance, no back wheel - at work - with the company provided Zwift sub on a huge TV which was fun, but way beyond my budget and space for a home system.  There are some good alternatives to Zwift, also subscription.  The devices without a back wheel are generally very quiet, and usually intelligent.  With some attention to calibration they can give you a really good comparison with the real world, so there's less of a shock when you go from KOM at home to a nobody out there.

I'm old and cynical: isn't there something wonderfully ironic about the copyright spat between Peloton (well established word before someone gave it a TM) and Mad Dogg who have the copyright on Spin and Spinning and are defending it to the death.  It's well established copyright law that a TM can be lost if it becomes a general word for a range of things (think Bic and the 'Biro', and Hoover => hoovering, although in the USA it's vacuuming).  And in the ultimate madness, in the USA, Adrenaline is still a TM so the hormone is called epinephrine, while rest-of-the-world carries on calling it adrenaline (no TM).  That alone would make *me* avoid Peloton TM!

Don't forget X(x)erox and A(a)spirin

by AgentX86 - 2021-02-25 15:39:12

Crusty makes an excellent point about the mountains of exercise equipment just gathering dust.  We bought a fairly expensive treadmill (a little more than $1000).  Soon after Iwe joined a gym so the treadmill got little use.  I used the treadmill at the gym for hours a day, even though we had one at home.  The routine of going to the gym was easier than the  treadmill at home.  Once at home it's difficult to get motivated.

Covid closed down the gym option but that forced me outside.  I now walk three hours almost every day.  The only advantage the treadmill has is that it doesn't rain in the house. ;-)  Even though it's a high-end(ish) treadmill, it's harder on the legs/feet than the road or the professional treadmills at the gym.

The bottom line is that the home treadmill collects dust.

As far as passing time.... At the gym I watched either dumb Netflix or Prime videos.  Walking outside I listen to podcasts and recently, audio books.

Bottom line, be careful spending huge amounts of money on homegym equipment.  As Crusty said, there are thousands and thousands of them collecting dust, only because they're too difficult to throw away.  ;-)

Wattbike Atom

by Shaun - 2021-02-25 17:33:11

I have a Wattbike Atom (second generation) which is a really great training bike. Not only does it enable you to maintain cycling fitness throughout the winter months but the detailed analysis it provides allows you to focus on improving your technique.


by barnet38 - 2021-02-25 20:44:29

I have the Peloton bike and LOVE it!  Like Pinkit94, I purchased the bike because I needed to be able to exercise at home instead of finding time to go to the gym.  I've had the bike for over two years and have not grown tired of it.  I enjoy the cycling classes, but also use the other content (strength training, yoga, etc).  There is a huge variety of instructors and types of classes (HIIT, Tabata, climbs, endurance, etc.).  You can always try the app to see if you like the classes before purchasing the bike.  

The Peloton bike has not caused any issues with my device or underlying condition (congenital complete heart block).  I use the Wahoo Tickr Fit heart rate monitor with the bike.

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