Generator revision


I had my first 2 lead pacemaker put in last year July 21st.  This is my 3rd pacemaker, I had my first one put in in 2003 and never had any problems with the first or second, but they were both single leads.   Since I've had this one, I've been in constant pain around my pacemaker,  into my arm, and up my neck.  I had an infection for the first 8 weeks after it was put in, and there was a hole in the incision that didn't heal for 2 1/2 months. 

Now I'm in so much pain that a new doctor is willing to move the generator to a new place higher up on my chest like the other 2 were.  He has warned me extenextensively about infections,  I'm nervous about that, but really looking forward to being out of constant pain.  

Has anyone else had this type of surgery?  If so how did it go and what was your recovery like?

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. 



Did they tell you what the infection bug was?

by crustyg - 2021-03-03 06:10:31

And did they check to see if you're already carrying that bug?

I've seen at least contributor posting here who had an infection around the pocket - it was so difficult to fix they ended up removing everything and then replacing on the R. Desperate stuff but at least a happy outcome.

I was very impressed at how carefully my EP-team checked for Staph Aureus carrriage and how carefully my skin was cleaned for the PM and lead implantation.  I was *very* diligent at my Hibiscrub skin washing for the week before my PM (as I'm a carrier).  Good Best Practice stuff.

Generator revision

by Karri - 2021-03-27 21:21:26

Hi Crustyg,

Thanks for replying.  Those were other doctors at a different hospital that I went to because I was having problems breathing and I was passing out.   I thought I might have caught Covid, I had other symptoms too, but they found I had a complete heart block instead and had to put a second lead in and a new pacemaker in. 

I asked them to check for a bacteria 3 weeks in, and they were going to but the doctor became distracted and I again left with the same exact antibiotic.  I also had an infection of the lining of my heart, pericarditis,  they had talked about removing the generators and leads and stsrting over, but then the doctor said eventually everything will get better and compared his injured thumb and painful nerve to my heart and pacemaker and all the problems that I was having.  And if I just ignored everything it would go away, like the injury to his thumb.

So I finally found a doctor who was willing to do a pocket revision, which was 2 days ago.  So fingers crossed everything goes well.  I did use the hibiclens for 4 days before the surgery,  and when I woke up I have a silver bandage over my incision right now so hopefully I don't get anymore infections, because that is what we are worried about.  

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