About to get a pm

Hey everyone!! 
i am about to get a pm soon, I am very very nervous and scared about the recovery. I have decided that I want to implant the pm in the muscle so I won't be able to look at the lump on my skin as I am very anxious. Who has the pm implanted in the muscle? Can you tell me about the recovery? Is it very painful? How long does it take to recover? 
thank you


Sub-pectoral PM placement

by ar_vin - 2021-03-23 19:05:46

I requested my EP and he agreed to place my PM under the pectoral muscle.

I have nothing to compare with as this was my only PM implant. 

I was kept in the hospital overnight and released the next morning after a PM and wound check and X-ray. I was offered painkillers at bedtime in the hospital but declined as I felt fine.

I did have significant soreness at the implant site for 2-3 days but I took no painkillers. I did ice it at least twice a day which I think helped with the recovery.

My incision was closed with surgical glue so I was able to shower when I got home from the hospital and every day after that - the warm shower did wonders for how well I felt. I was explicity told that I could shower when I felt like it.

I was walking 2-3 miles three days after the implant and was back to my longer hikes within a week. I was careful not to lift my arm overhead as I was instructed and avoided lifting heavy objects for about six weeks.

Now I barely even know I have a PM.



by new to pace.... - 2021-03-23 19:08:39

Hi, it would help if you filled in your profile , then put a little more information as to why you are need of a pacemaker.  Would help with the answers you are looking for.

   For me healed quite well, slept on recliner for a couple of night.  Did move my arm did not want to freeze my shoulder.  Only lifted less than a gal of milk.  Only problem i had was the surgical glue used to close the incision. Found  out allergic had raised red bumps and itch.  Took Turmeric Supplement for that and as soon as i could removed the glue.  itch was gone then.  For me  recovery went fast did not have in muscle,   Every one heals differently for me was a short time.

Only feel the pacemaker  now when i put my hand over it.  Cannot see it..

new to pace

recieving yoiur PM

by athena123 - 2021-03-23 19:17:27

Hi looui, i was you 2 years ago. Scared,nervous,ect. trust me because im speaking from the bottom of my heart that yiur going to be fine. The operation itself is not long and you might have a little discomfret afterwards, but not much. I was home the next day. For maybe close to a month be careful not extending your arms over your head. You need the wires to settle in properly. After a month i was back at the gym working out. Mine is not that noticable as its in the muscle as well. If you start to feel anxiety reassure yourself that your pm is there to benefit you. It will help you. I had anxiety because of it and i was seen a therapist and believe me it helps. keep yourself busy and learn to breath properly. In through nose out through mouth. It does help and theres a lot of great people on this site that will guide you along. Goodluck, youll be fine.  

Under the muscle

by TraJac71 - 2021-03-24 00:12:03

I, too, have my PM under the muscle. I had it implanted nirmally in August 2020 but then it was repositioned with a pocket revision in December 2020, and it went "deep under the pectoralis". 

I did notice a differece in recovery. The one below the muscle was much more painful. I stayed the night and was treated with IV pain meds and then went home the next day. I was fine with tramadol, but did need it for the next several weeks. I slept on the recliner for a few weeks, actually.

That said, it was totally worth it and I'm so glad I had it buried!


Just don't be discouraged

by TLee - 2021-03-24 11:41:11

As you can tell from the other comments, every experience is a little different, as in everything. I agree that the main thing to keep in mind is that you will be absolutely fine. I would add to that by saying, don't be discouraged if you feel more pain at first than you thought you would, or if you feel worse in some ways for a time. 2 months ago, I found this forum because I had just had my PM implanted & I was not feeling well at all. The site was pretty painful (that improved a great deal in just a few days), and the symptoms of my arrhythmia seemed to have been aggravated by the procedure (time & new medication options have almost eliminated these). I was also in great fear of moving wrong & pulling the leads, but I found that as I felt better overall that fear went away as well--I was also limited in movement/lifting for only 1 month. You may spend the first few weeks wondering if you've made a mistake (I did!), but things should get better pretty quickly. Be patient, and good luck!  

I thought the whole process was quick and almost painless.

by asully - 2021-03-24 18:12:33

Compared to many surgeries and procedures it is generally simple and straight forward.  I believe most people are out of the hospital the next day (this was the case with my second one) and I didn't take any narcotics after discharge.  My other two devices were done along with open heart surgery so in comparison for me it was just a tickle.  I think the whole concept of having a pacemaker is much scarier than the actual reality.  Also I suggest you do not scare yourself too much reading the complications section, like online reviews for restraunts rarely do people post who had a good expierience, so the "reviews" can be skewed towards negative expieriences.  I think I can safely speak for many people on here that it was a simple uncomplicated procedure with a quick recovery.

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