pacemaker and desktop computer tower

  I have a pacemaker (Aug 2019). 

I am having  a problem with the fan not cooling in my computer tower.  The repair shop said to bring it in to them.  In speaking with a friend yesterday.  She mentioned that she thought the tower might have magnets, in the tower.  Of course that means i should not carry it in.  Is that true?

thanks for your help.

new to pace..



by Persephone - 2021-04-04 15:58:27

No.  Unless this is some kind of massive computer (which would be stationary and not portable), if it's not powered on it will not be of any concern.  Likely no concern even if powered on.  If you are still worried, make sure you carry it on the non-pacer side or use a cart.

thank you for your answer

by new to pace.... - 2021-04-04 16:44:34

just a desk top unit.

new to pace

No problem

by AgentX86 - 2021-04-04 19:40:21

It takes a very large magnet to affect a pacemaker or a large magnet very close. It's not a good idea to lay anything with a rare-earth (super) magnet, like high-end headphones, directly on your chest but otherwise you're very unlikely to encounter magnets that will affect your PM. 

It's not good for your health to stand under a junkyard crane, for other reasons than the magnet.

thanks for the reassurance

by new to pace.... - 2021-04-04 21:00:55

although i think i might have been looking for an excuse for the repair shop to  come to the house to pick it up. 

Well then will have them deliver it after they fix it.  To put all those nasty wires on the back of the tower.

thanks again

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by Persephone - 2021-04-04 21:42:12

Yes!  A delivery service that includes connection of all of those pesky wires would be lovely.

magnets everywhere

by Snake - 2021-04-05 05:41:56

Hi new to pace,

magnets are everywhere and they are most of the times no problem at all.

PM-people know that an MRI could cause a problem, those magnets are pretty strong.

Furthermore induction untis also work with (alternating) magnetic fields. However the induction unit in your kitchen is pretty safe for your PM, unless you place your PM directly on the glass plate (by the way, I would also not recommend putting your PM directly on top of your gass or electrical cooking device.... that hurts).

I developed a system to avoid potholes in your roads. This is by adding steel-wool fibres in asphalt and then driving a truck with a big induction unit over the road every 3 years to do preventive maintenance The magnetic field heats the steel wool-melts the asphalt-closes small microcracks and heals the road and prevents potholes........ The big induction unit to do this trick has quite some power.....PM-users are requested to stay at some distance (few metres).... so I can not be too close to my own invention :-(

good luck with your PC.



thanks to all

by new to pace.... - 2021-04-07 18:08:40

While i  was at the repair shop , asked about the magnets, said in hard drive and very little power to them.  Thank goodness only needed the fan replaced as was going stir crazy with out computer at home.  Had a short  drive to libary  and only good use for an hour a day.

new to pace

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