Remote Device check

Does anyone else feel terrible after a remote device check? I had my first remote one this morning and I have felt so exhausted and weak since they did it. My pulse is at 66, Oxygen at 96% and BP is 117/79.

My pulse will go up to 105 if I walk around, but as soon as I sit, it drops to the 60's. Feels like the top left front quadrant of my head is in a fog. Maybe 60 is too low of a pulse set?

I'm 67 and normally very active. Yesterday, Tuesday, I felt great and we hiked on Monday.


Remote device check

by AgentX86 - 2021-04-07 21:51:32

I don't understand how the two could be linked.  A remote dvice check can't change any settings in the PM, only look at what's going on.  It can't alter anything about your PM or you.  To allow changes during remote checks  would be the pinacle of stupidity (hacker's paradise).


by PacedNRunning - 2021-04-12 05:10:29

Agree with Agent X. A remote check is only data transfer that is stored on the device. There is no testing or checks performed. Maybe anxiety about the check. Which can cause heart symptoms. 

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