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New, March 6, 2021. "Reconstitution of native intrinsic conduction in patients with chronic conduction block with His bundle pacing" published in the prestegious HeartRhythm Journal:



really interesting thank you

by quikjraw - 2021-04-09 08:23:47

Hi Terry that is really interesting.

I cannot profess to understand all of it but the conclusions are the most important part anyway.

I understand that the procedure is more successful if you use specific leads and tools and I now wonder if they had those at he hospital I was operated on or they tried it with normal leads.


The Leads

by Terry - 2021-04-09 14:40:48


The new tools that seem to have made pacing the conduction system of the heart feasible, as reported in the pacing scientific papers, are the Medtronic Lead, Model 3830 and associated lead delivery catheters, Models C315HIS for example. As you suggest, leads not designed for conduction system pacing took a long and unpredictable time to place, and often were unsuccessful. I wonder when the other pacemaker manufactures will catcy up; perhaps soon. Google "His-pacing" too.


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