Sleep issues

Curious as to what people take to help them sleep I take a small dose of trazadone but would like to know what helps orhers


Sleep issues.

by tachy - 2021-04-16 12:40:59

I have tried many medications over the year's for insomnia, and they either did't work or had side effect's. The natural one's never worked at all. The only one that ever worked was Ativan. The problem  is Doctors won prescribe it for long. because it is addictive.

Ask for a referral to a sleep consultant if this has been going on for a long time

by Gemita - 2021-04-16 13:04:04

Jimmy and Jeremy,

Quality sleep is so important for health.  A sleep consultant may wish to order a sleep study to look for any problems getting to sleep, staying asleep, dream patterns, restless leg syndrome and sleep apnea for example as a cause for your insomnia.  I wouldn't just keep trying out sleep aids without getting a sleep study done, or have you already had one?

Next on my list is sleep hygiene.  Getting up and going to bed at the same time each day will definitely help.  Try not to use the computer late at night or to do any vigorous exercise too close to bedtime.  Both can keep us awake, or make it harder to fall asleep. Computer screens can emit a blue light that makes the brain think it is daytime or waketime, instead of bedtime. Complete any vigorous exercise several hours before bedtime, although I believe moderate exercise can be safely done up to an hour before bedtime.

Did you ever try Melatonin?  Also ask your doctors to check some of your meds that could be keeping you awake, like beta blockers which can decrease our natural melatonin levels according to my sleep consultant.  Carvedilol and Bystolic seems okay.  

Try not to eat too late or too heavily at night otherwise indigestion might keep you awake.  Maybe reduce caffeine intake during the day.  Get plenty of fresh air and daylight to reset your body clock.

I wish you a good night's sleep 

Sleep issues

by JIMMYANDJEREMY - 2021-04-16 13:43:07

Thank u for the advice


by Marybird - 2021-04-16 19:35:17

I sometimes take two Extra Strength Acetominophen PM when I have an ache or pain, before bedtime. I don't take it every night as I feel I might develop a tolerance to it and it would stop working very well. This works well for me and does not leave me feeling dragged out in the morning. 

I find after I take the nighttime doses of my medications ( 75 mg metoprolol, 180 mg diltiazem, 50 mg losartan), I'm tired enough to sleep all night. 


by Julros - 2021-04-17 02:51:12

I take 500 mg. of Magnesium oxide, and sometimes extra strength Tylenol. And I drink a big glass of water. Weird, I know. I sometimes listen to a meditation on an app on my phone. And if I really can't sleep, I listen to podcasts. 

Magnesium oxide

by AgentX86 - 2021-04-17 19:19:25

Watch the magnesium oxide.  MgO is a laxative (think: Milk of Magnesia) and may not be what you want to take right before bed.

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