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Does anyone know if Air Purifiers interfere with pacemakers.  I have just bought a Dyson Cool Me purifier, and the first thing on the leaflet is a warning that both the device and the remote contain magnets.  Obviously I am not going to put the remote in my pocket, but will this affect the pacemaker.  They do warn you not to put credit cards on top of th eunit or the remote, but don't say how strong the magnets are..

I do get a bit jumpy when new gadgets are introduced.


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by Persephone - 2021-04-28 18:47:41

Hi Cherry - I haven't checked out the Dyson user manual, but my guess is that the magnet warning is more about keeping the device and the remote away from young children to prevent accidental ingestion of the magnets.  Again, this is just a guess.  However, virtually all consumer products designed for home use are OK for us with PMs.  Enjoy your clean air :)

Edited to add - OK, I took a look online and see what you mean - the warnings are not about small magnets that children could accidentally swallow.  Please check with your clinic for advice about using this device.

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by AgentX86 - 2021-04-28 22:19:30

Other then the over-hype, I don't see any problem with them.  The warning I see is about the remote.  I'm not sure what the magnet in the remote is (does it stick to the refrigerator?) but it will be fine if you don't put it in your left shirt pocket.  Keep it 6" away and you'll be fine.

The unit itself is electrostatic, not magnetic so there shouldn't be any problem there, either.  Again, don't sleep on it.

The only "common" household appliances that can be dangerous are scales that measure body fat, TENS units, and induction cook tops.  Arc welding can be a big problem, too, but I don't consider it a common household appliance.  Be very careful with any of the above (i.e. seek doctor's advice) but the really common household stuff is safe.

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