Medtronic Carelink Monitor

Last August I was given a Medtronic Carelink monitor and contacted by the hospital to carry out a manual download.  I have not heard any thing since then and it now sits unplugged in its box.  How do I know when to make another download ? TIA 



by AgentX86 - 2021-04-30 18:26:40

Your device clinic should be able to tell you this.  It varies by individual and by EP.  If you leave it plugged in they can do the download on schedule, with no need for you to push the button.  I just got the notification in the mail from my last remote transmission (I'd forgotten all about it).  This is the first time it was done automatically.


Plug it in

by ROBO Pop - 2021-04-30 19:08:08

OMG plug it in. Most people are on a schedule for automstic downloads (reading your secrets) Mine downloads automatically every night and when theres not a transmission they call me immediately.

My Care Link monitor

by Gemita - 2021-05-01 04:24:06

John, hello, yes it is not just as simple as plugging it in, and hoping for the best, although plugging in and keeping the monitor switched on might be a good first step!  

As AgentX86 says, you pacemaker clinic should advise you how often they require downloads which they may either ask you to do manually or they will set up to automatically occur, which is why you should keep your monitor switched on.

Frequency will depend on our heart condition.  For example some of us, like ROBO Pop will be monitored daily (with nightly downloads) while others will be monitored monthly, quarterly, every six months or even annually.  Your clinic should tell you when your appointment for a download is due.  Even with automatic or self downloads, we usually have to attend clinic at least annually for a complete check of our hardware (device battery and leads) and certainly if you need any changes to be made to settings, you would need to attend clinic since this cannot be done remotely.

Finally, I have been told to make an automatic download at any time I am concerned about an arrhythmia episode or any symptoms I might get when they will look at my downloaded data and advise what steps I should take, if any.  This might include adjusting my medication or even seeking help from emergency services.  I see though that you have experience with monitors John and that you have had a pacemaker for some years, so you obviously know about these things


Medtronic Carelink Monitor

by johnl - 2021-05-01 17:06:24

Thank you all for replies to my posting, a great help.  Keep safe all.

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