Watchman Device

I am wondering if anyone here has had the Watchman implanted, and if so how did it go? Developed Afib and flutter after sepsis and endocditis however some docs feel I won't meet criteria for implant due to valvular disease (I have mitral valve implant). FDA covers non valvular only at this time. I am not a candidate for blood thinners due to history of bleeds so there is that issue. 

Did anyone come across this issue of have valve disorders and still get the implant? 

Thank you




by AgentX86 - 2021-05-09 22:35:11

I doubt that you'll convince anyone to implant a Watchman device given your valve repair.  If you had other surgery, an LAA clip would be in order.  There may be a less invasive method of clipping an LAA but that was really the whole point of the Watchman at the beginning (only for those who couldn't take anticoagulants). 


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