Adjustable beds with massage

I installed two Electromagnetic Field Finder apps on my phone.  I have a 10" mattress with a 3" topper.  Using each app, they detected EMF when I put the phone near the motor under the frame but when I laid the phone on the mattress, it just kept searching and apparantly didn't find any.  I have been afraid to use the massage feature with my pacemaker because I had heard it could interfere.  Now, I see that it emits EMF when I raise and lower the bed.  But......maybe the mattress puts me far enough away to make it safe?  I called Reverie, the manufacturer and they said to ask my doctor but of course my doctor or Abbot doesn't know how their beds are made, so they can't give an answer, either.  Does anyone know what to make of this?  I really really want to use my bed because I have back pain, insomnia and anxiety and the features on my bed help a lot.  


How bad can it be?

by Gotrhythm - 2021-05-30 15:40:31

This question comes up regularly. I suggest you look through the archives where you will find many posts on the subject.

I have a Tempur Pedic powered bed with "massage" functions. Vibrator really, and in my opinion worthless--but someone else might like them. I've opereated my bed nightly for over 5 years without any problem. I don't think the motor EMF is at all likely to interfere with your pacemaker.

But whenever this question arises I always wonder--if it DID interfere, what would actually happen? Would I die, or would I just feel a litle funny for a second? In other words, even real dangers are not equal. The world is full of dangers to be avoided. Some are common, like a shaving cut, but so insignificant they're not worth worrying about, and some catastrophic, but with only a 1 in 1,000,000 chance of ever happening.

EMF emissions are everywhere, coming from sources you'd never suspect. And yet, we cyborgs can go just about anywhere, even power plant. Pacemaker failure is very rare.  

Adjustable beds with massage

by sjrs1019 - 2021-05-30 23:15:47

Thank you for your comment.  I did read some of the other posts but they didn't address my question exactly.  There are so many "warnings" out there that it makes a person a bit parinoid about being exposed.  I am having a lot of anxiety at night (have ever since my 3rd ablation and now after AV Node ablation and PM) that I miss the massage function.  I'd also like to use a sleep tracker but there are warnings about those as well.  Maybe the one that goes under the mattress would be safe?  It's all confusing and worrisome.  

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